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The big bad... 2015 Wardrobe Post!

Hello everyone!

As you might know, januari is EGL's month for the yearly wardrobe posts. I really wanted to participate last year but I didn't have that much worth showing then, so I decided to enter this year instead. My wardrobe has grown and shrunk again in 2015, but I'm quite happy with it. I'm hoping to buy more blouses and jumperskirts, though!

Looking back at the wardrobe I had last year I can definitely say I've improved. I've gotten rid of my awful Bodyline skirts that didn't fit me nor match my other items, sold some dresses I never wore and bought some dream items instead!

While I was working on this wardrobe a few new pieces came in unexpected too, and I realized I had forgotten some things while photographing. Apologies if those pictures look a bit different than the others!


♥ Dresses ♥

Angelic Pretty's Cherry Berry Bunny JSK in sax
This is a true dream dress I have been able to add to my wardrobe! I am super glad I ended up buying it and I love wearing it in super-sweet coords. The bunnies are adorable!

Angelic Pretty's Chocolat-chan Going Out houndstooth JSK in black
Got this for a true steal on Y!A, it only cost me 2600 yen without fees. It fits me like a glove and it's so nice and thick for winter!

Angelic Pretty's Decoration Dream Back Frill JSK in black
This dress was the first branddress that I bought (it was wayyy overpriced though!) but I still love this piece to death. It's really comfortable and the print is soooo cute!

Alice and the Pirates' Ragnarök: Story of the Final Stage JSK in green
I couldn't resist buying this dress seeing it in the Baby fashion show, I saved up for this dress and I am proud I have been able to add this to my wardrobe. 

Homemade Natsu-matsuri JSK (made by my dad)
My dad made this dress out of adorable summer festival themed fabric we found in a local fabric store. I might sell it though, as it's too bright for my taste.

Homemade Paris Patisserie JSK (made by my dad)

Innocent World's Ladder Lace OP in black


♥ Blouses, cutsews and cardigans 

Angelic Pretty's Cutie Heart Blouse

Angelic Pretty's Triple Ribbon Blouse
My first blouse was this one and it's a gorgeous, bit old-school blouse. Sadly, I can't find much ways to combine this one but I think I might still keep it for a while.

Offbrand 1/2 sleeve blouse
One of my favorite things to wear, it's super comfortable and it looks great under Ragnarök! 

Offbrand pink dotted blouse

Baby The Stars Shine Bright x Nana Kitade cutsew

Meta cutsew (no idea what it's named)

Navy x off-white offbrand cutsew (bought at Summer Tales Boutique)
This cutsew matches absolutely nothing in my wardrobe, but I bought it a few years ago at a con and I just fell in love with it.

Hema short-sleeved cardigan

Thrifted lavender cardigan

Brown faux fur bolero

Offbrand pink cardigan


♥ Shoes 

Bodyline ballerina shoes in offwhite

An*tai*na black tea parties

Yosuke black velvet heels

Bodyline oxford shoes in brown


♥ Socks 

Top: AP Cherry Berry Bunny OTKs, AP Candy Sprinkle OTKs, Primark pink OTKs, Meta Fruit Punch Soda OTKs
Bottom: AP's Fantastic Dolly OTKs, offbrand ankle socks, Meta Swan Logo UTKs, offbrand white lace tights

Somewhere in my house there's a pair of Baby socks floating around but I couldn't find them, sadly!


♥ Bags 

Ap's Candy Sprinkle lucky pack bag

Baby's Usakumya pochette
I bought this one at Baby Paris when I was there on vacation and I was just so happy! I've wanted my own usakumya since I began wearing lolita and she's finally mine. She still needs a name, though.

Nici Angel backpack


♥ Headwear & accessoires 

Wigs: Ebay (left) and Wickedwigs (right)
Beret: Reality will Kill you (applique by me)
Bonnet: AP's Sugar Pansy half-bonnet

Handmade headdress, Summer Tales Boutique crown, Claire's headbands, Petit Angel bow, Angelic Pretty headbows x2, Angelic Pretty detachable bow

Summer Tales Boutique wristcuffs


♥ In the mail 

Baby's Little Red Riding Hood gingham skirt in mint
One of my dream prints and the price was just too good to skip on this one. I normally don't like gingham but I love it on this skirt! It actually came in yesterday but I don't have time to take photos.


Bonus picture: a look inside!
My yukata's sleeve is hanging a bit in the way. Oh well.
As you may notice I left out small things like my jewellry, mainly because I don't own that much interesting jewellry as I normally just wear pearl necklaces. I hope you enjoyed taking a look in my wardrobe nevertheless! Hoping to add some new sweet AP dresses to my wardrobe this year, as well as some pretty classic ones. I hope you all have a great year and might you add your dreamiest dream prints to your wardrobe!

Bright blessings! ♥

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