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Review: Tenshishop

Hi everyone! Recently I got quite some orders in, and the last one I needed for a review just arrived. So it's time for another review!

This time I ordered not one but three things from two stores, I ordered from Alice and the Pirates and Brightlele by the shopping service Tenshishop.

My favorite shopping service to use is Tenshishop or Nicole. I've used different shopping services before (like Celga, who charged me ridiculous fees!) but I like Nicole's services the most. Her service is very personal and always very good! She replies really fast and ships out fast, too. She also keeps you up to date if anything's out of stock, not clear or can't be done etc.

Nicole offers three types of service, she offers in-store shopping (mostly for items out of stock in online shops or for shops that don't ship internationally), online shopping (in case of stores that don't ship internationally or if you want to really secure a spot) and she also does auction site shopping on Mbok and Yahoo Auctions Japan. For these items I used the in-store shopping for the Ragnarök reservation and the AatP socks and the online shopping for Brightlele.

When I saw the picture of Ragnarök in the Baby fashion show I immediately emailed her to ask if she was taking spots for it already. She replied she only takes spots for specific cuts and colors when they are released so I had to wait. When the cuts came online she emailed me them and I picked the green JSK. She made sure I only wanted one item and got my order in. I didn't have to pay anything yet, as it was a reservation item.

On the 14th of november she emailed me she was able to get the green JSK for me and I now only had to wait for it to arrive. It wasn't until exactly one month later I got the notification my order had arrived! I paid for it and it was shipped out on the 19th of december.

EMS had some delays due to the holidays, but my JSK arrived safely on the 30th of december. I still had to pay customs though, even though I had the package marked down from €250 to €100. Yikes.

The package was packed well in this sturdy white bag and inside that bag was the dress which was covered in both plastic and an AatP bag! The bag around it really surprised me, it was so cute! Just a regular plastic store bag like you get at H&M but with a pretty drawing :)

The dress itself is very pretty! The fabric feels way more luxury than my AP dresses and it really laces up like a corset (way tighter than AP). Still not sure what the use is of that lace on the chest though. I am really glad I bought it, it was worth every penny. No pockets though :(

There it is!

Not too long after that I decided that I needed a new brown wig as my old one was pretty much dead, and after hearing some good things about Brightlele wigs I decided to order from them. They don't do international shipping though, so I sent a request form to Nicole. She replied she would be on holiday for a while but if I didn't mind waiting, she'd go ahead and order.

I ordered this wig in DB.
I didn't receive any confirmation even after her holiday though, so I emailed her about the status of my wig and she replied within hours that it just hadn't come in yet. Around that time my friend also decided she'd like to own a pair of AatP diamond OTKs, but as they were out of stock online I also asked Nicole if they were in stock in Sendai.

They turned out to be in stock and even on sale in her shop so my friend could have them with the discount. I agreed and asked if it was okay to pay the invoice by the time my friend had sent me the money, but she replied you always get three days to pay. I had used the service before but always paid the day I got the invoice so I didn't know until now.

As both me and my friend didn't need the items very soon we chose airmail shipping which is not as fast as EMS, but does cost less and has tracking too. I paid at the 10th but she had some issues at work so she didn't ship until the 16th but she did let me know.

For some reason Blogger won't let me rotate this -__-
It didn't take long for the package to arrive! On the 21st of january it was delivered to my house in a sturdy cardboard box. Inside were my wig and the socks!

The wig was packed in a box and came with a free wig cap, which is great as I recently lost mine. The socks were packed in plastic. I haven't taken those out of the plastic as they will be packed as a gift for my friend.

The wig is really soft although it feels like it's going to tangle really fast. The waves are done very nice and quite realistic. The wig is pretty fluffy and thick. The only remark I have is that the bangs are too long to hang straight even though they were supposed to be cut at the right length. Oh well.



♥ Communication: 5/5
♥ Shipping: 5/5
♥ Items: 5/5
♥ Cost: 5/5

Nicole's communcation is really good, she replies very fast (even though she has a full time job!) and is very clear in what's possible and what not. She also normally ships out pretty fast, this time there was a delay but she did let me know and apologized for the delay as well. The items are exactly the ones I wanted so I guess that's important too. The fees she has are also very reasonable.

So basically, I am very happy with Nicole's services! If you ever need a Japanese SS, I recommend using this one. Visit her site at!

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