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LBC - Lolita Holiday Wishlist for 2015

Hello everyone!

2014 has made place for 2015 and I wish all of you a good year with lots of frills, luck and happiness! I also hope christmas was a lot of fun for all of you and that we all didn't gain too much weight from all the food so we all still fit in our brand ;)

I haven't joined LBC in a while, but this post spoke to me so I decided to go for it! I am honestly not entirely sure what they mean with "holiday" in this title (did I decide I wanted these around the holidays? Did I expect to get these? Do I expect to get these next year? So confused x_x) but I will take this as a post to make a little list of dresses/items I am hoping to own next year!

~ Angelic Pretty ~

I honestly wasn't too fond of this year's AP releases. I did like a few, added a few to my normal wishlist, but only one of them managed to get on my dream dress list, which is the Cameo Window tiered JSK in Ivory. 

Two other dresses I definitely need in my life are Sugar Pansy in pink and Wonder Cookie in sax! I already own the Sugar Pansy headwear (which is adorable and I'd like the dress for a full pansy coord. Wonder Cookie is a dress I've wanted since I became a lolita and for some reason I kept missing it last year.

Another 2014 release I really liked was Dreamy Girl! I had the money for it at the time but sadly I only liked the OP, which didn't fit me. I have lost weight now

~ AatP/ Baby ~

This year I became a much bigger fan of the brands Alice and the Pirates and Baby the Stars Shine Bright! I can honestly say I wouldn't believe you if you told me I'd own an AatP dress when I just started, I'd laugh at you as I used to be all "only AP sweet!!!".

Le Chaperon Rouge is a release I am super sad I missed! I absolutely LOVE the dress in navy, green and red and the adorable cut reminds me of a dirndl (which my mum loves, as our family partly comes from Austria!). I also love the tale of red riding hood (except the dying wolf part, that not so much) so it's only normal I'd love this. The same goes for the Red Riding Hood cape, it's just so adorable!

The third dress is Baby's Pas de Deux in the Blue Moon Odette JSK. I love underbust JSKs (even though I don't own one yet) and well, I love ballet too! It's like it's meant for me to wear.

Another release I really liked was Fairy Topialium! I know it only came out a few weeks ago, but as I already spent all my money on Ragnarök from AatP I couldn't afford it. I'd gladly take this dress in any colorway except navy. The deer made of flowers are so adorable and I love the landscape on the skirt.

~♥ Indie ♥~

I've even fallen for two indie brand dresses this year! Magic Cats Street made this beautiful chiffon gown, which has a way too complicated name ;) It's very pretty, but sadly sold out.

Long Ears Sharp Ears also made a very pretty dress called Deers in the Mist which I liked a lot. For some reason though they sold it at an insanely high price, compared to their other dresses ._. I couldn't afford it, but I like the dress a lot!

~♥ My lolita new years resolutions ♥~

♥ Lose a bit more weight to fit into dresses better and be healthier!
♥ Buy more blouses! My wardrobe is lacking them...
♥ Buy a lot for my wardrobe when I visit Japan
♥ Take a look into designing my own dresses
♥ Attend more meetings and make more lolita friends!


So I guess this was a little peek in how my style is shifting this year. I am definitely noticing it's shifting from strictly AP sweet to more classic pieces. I guess I want to show a more mature side of myself, but still keeping sweet elements. And I won't be getting rid of my dear AP either!

I hope 2015 holds a lot of good things for everyone and you will have a great time this year too. Blessing to everyone!


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