vrijdag 16 januari 2015

Bodyline Review - Shoes272

Hi everyone!

Not very long ago, I received my Ragnarök dress (about which I will be doing a review after my next package comes in) and well, fairly quickly I realized I didn't have any shoes to go with it at all! I've always wanted a pair of Bodyline's Oxford shoes though (also for casual wear) and seeing they were still in stock in brown and with the shoe deal going on plus free shipping... I couldn't pass!

So, today I got a nice surprise when the mailman randomly appeared and handed me a Bodyline package. They were here already!

Stock photo! I got the brown ones.

I placed my Bodyline order the 31st of december, and I got a confirmation it was shipped the day after. Strangely enough, they weren't actually shipped until the 6th of january. They didn't leave Japan until the 9th of january. As I didn't need the shoes for a certain day or event, I chose the free air shipping they currently offer, which normally takes about two weeks to get to destination.

My package arrived today, the 16th of january so it was way faster than expected! It took the package only a week to get to the Netherlands from Japan. I was really glad.

Naturally, they didn't come in that box as pictured ;) The box was wrapped in a grey, trash bag-like material. Pretty thick and it keeps water from getting in, I guess. The shoes sat in the box with paper in them to keep them from re-shaping. No protection around the shoes though, something I found a bit strange.

The color is very true to the stock photo.
The shoes don't have any scruffs or marks, but one of the shoes seems to have a higher heel than the other. I don't know how that must have happened, but I don't feel it when I am wearing it. Other than that, the construction looks fine. A bit of glue is visible but I had that with shoes bought in local shops as well. I am a bit dissappointed by the shoelaces, they are really stiff and not that easy to tie.

You can see what I mean with the heel being higher here.
The fit of the shoes is pretty good though! I ordered size 23.5, I believe I own another pair that's 23.5 from them, which are flats and fit wat more loose, these fit tighter around my feet but that's more or less because there's a heel underneath them. If you don't like shoes fitting like that, I'd recommend ordering a size up.

So overall, I'm happy with these shoes, especially for the price I paid for them (a mere €17). Putting this into points it would be:

Shipping: 4/5 (super fast, shipped in durable package but could be better)
Construction: 4/5 (due to different heights and shoelaces.)
Fit: 5/5 (they fit excellent, as I expected)
Overall experience: 4/5

I'm very glad these shoes came in because now I can make a better coord with my sparkly new Ragnarök dress. Now all I need is a headdress ;) I hope this review might help you with future purchases! <3

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  1. Hey there :)
    I loved this review.
    I have ordered shoes from bodyline in the past and in all fairness I have never had a problem with there service.
    I always find there shoes scuff a little more than normal shoes but apart from that they are pretty awesome.

    Your new shoes look fabulous and i am so jealous!
    A blog full of all things Kawaii -

    1. I've had the scuffing problem with my white tea parties I bought from them, but I repainted those and they look fine now :) I've had them for 1,5 year now and they're still in one piece!

      But thank you so much! <3