donderdag 16 oktober 2014

♥ Special Review: Kigurumi Party ♥

Hello everyone!

A few weeks ago I entered a giveaway on facebook, hosted by the popular Dutch anime, manga and Japan-related blog The Sushi Times. Normally I don't really care much for anime and manga, but this time they gave away a free kigurumi you could choose from the entire webshop of Kigurumi Party. Knowing my terrible memory, I quickly forgot about the giveaway and didn't even check on who won until a friend tagged me. I had won!

For those who don't know, kigurumis are often described as loungewear or pyjamas, but are also seen as costumes or as lazy convention wear ;) They're mostly baggy animal suits, made out of fleece or a similiar soft fabric. Primark also sells some sort of onesies that seem to be inspired by kigurumis.

Now, their webshop only offers official Sazac kigurumis/onesies, which is a Japanese professional Kigurumi brand (so no cheap Ebay knockoffs here ;) ). They have a lot of kigurumis to offer, from unicorns to bats and from giraffe to seal. I had a real hard time choosing from all the cute kigurumis, I couldn't choose between the fox and the wolf (a friend also suggested the unicorn but that's too girly for me ;) ). But eventually I made my choice and went for the wolf!

The stock photo! You can find the page to buy here
Their kigurumis are a one size, fits all (well, fits all if you're about 1,50 m to 1,80 m!) so I didn't have to worry about choosing a size. They also don't have color choices, you get what's in the picture. They offer free shipping to the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany, and there are various easy ways to pay!

It took a while for me to actually order after I received my code to redeem because I couldn't choose, but it didn't matter at all :) though I must admit the communications about the code went through the Sushi Times. I eventually ordered on the 14th of october. My package was shipped out the 15th and it arrived today, the 16th.

So today after quite a rough day I came home to this huuuuge package:

I've put my Usakumya pochette next to it for size reference.
My dad was confused at first and thought it was a pillow :p it was really soft and fluffy so in a way I understand. The package came to me in a sturdy sort of plastic bag. I couldn't wait to open the package, so I did.
So angry desu
Underneath the plastic was more plastic to protect it from damage. 

Finally freed from its package!
I really couldn't wait so I put the kigurumi on immediately! It's made from super soft fleece and it fits quite well. It's a little big on me (well, let's say I can fit in it twice ;) ) but it's really comfortable.

Here is it worn, you can't really see the baggyness like this though
I am so happy I won this giveaway because the kigurumi is super comfy and also really adorable (in a way ;) ) I will probably order the fox kigurumi too when I have some more money!

♥ Ratings 
Item: 5/5
Shipping time: 5/5
Packaging: 5/5
Overall experience: 5/5, would definitely order again!

I hope this review might have convinced any of you to buy an adorable kigurumi like this ;) Definitely worth it!

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  1. Kigu's are so cute :3 that tongue is also funny. I had a look at their website but I couldn't choose which I would buy if I did (and I already have a Pikachu one, maybe I shouldn't buy too many kigu's.) but looks like a decent quality at least ^^ so nice you won one!

    1. Yep, that tongue is definitely one of the things that made me go for this one! I also had trouble choosing, they have so many adorable ones. The quality is really good though, better than Ebay kigurumis. If you have a spare €50 go for it! ^_^

  2. So cute, I have Rilakkuma kigurumi ^___^

    恵美より ♥