vrijdag 12 september 2014

LBC - Your Most Prized Lolita Piece

Hello everyone,

Sorry for the recent lack of activity, I've been fairly busy with school as I will (hopefully) graduate from high school this year so I don't have much time to think of new blog post subjects x_x Although, when a fun LBC subject comes up, I can't say no!

This week's subject is "Your Most Prized Lolita Piece" and I didn't need to think very long about what piece in my wardrobe that is, really. The piece I still love and adore the most is no other than my first brand JSK: Decoration Dream!

The stock photo really doesn't do it justice!

I love this dress a lot, and I wasn't even really planning to buy this originally! It's a little story, really. When I had finally decided to save up money for my first big brand dress, I browsed Closet Child and there it was, the Sugary Carnival OP in lavender. I fell head over heels in love with it and just culdn't get it out of my mind. I sold a lot of extra items I had around, did extra chores and...

It was sold just when I had gotten the money.

I was quite sad about that and then decided to search for the dress on a sales comm, and ended up finding an Italian girl who sold the JSK. She'd hold the dress for me if I'd make a deposit, which I did, but I accidently paid with the E-check option (it takes about 8-9 days for the money to reach the seller if you use that) and she got incredibly mad at me :/ She cancelled the hold for me and put it for sale again (for €50 less!!!) while she didn't even refund me at first. After a lot of arguing with the girl I did get my money back.

I was really devastated and decided to give up on that dress. My mom felt bad for me so we went to MiraiFashion's webpage and then my eye fell on Decoration Dream. I had seen the dress in real life a few weeks before that and I did remember I really really liked it. I dedided to just go for it and made an appointment to try it on!

And well, here we are! 

I even wore it to Abunaicon two weeks ago! Ignore the weird lighting on my face -___-
The story behind the dress isn't very important to me anymore though. I was really happy with my first brand dress and I still am. I normally don't like bittersweet but this dress is adorable in the black colorway and I just loooove the row of bows and lace on the front! I wish more dresses had that cut (so far I know Candy Treat has it but I don't like the colors of that dress, sadly.) and also that gorgeous bustle back!

I can definitely say this dress grew on me. While it was first just my cool expensive dress, it's now probably the one with the most sentimental value but still one of the prettiest. I still remember when I made my first coord with it, which looked unbalanced and quite terrible. I guess I've learned by now.

But well, long story made short: this dress is definitely my most prized lolita piece. 

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