donderdag 28 augustus 2014

LBC - Back to School Style!

Hello everyone!

Even though I'm busy packing my Abunai! stuff and finishing my lecture last minute, I couldn't skip this LBC theme. I hadn't found any themes that were that appealing to make my first Lolita Blog Carnival post, but this one is too much fun to let go.

School always makes me think of tartan skirts, kneesocks or OTK socks and white blouses with schoolgirl ribbons or ties. Which, considering I never ever have or had to wear a school uniform here in the Netherlands, is more or less of a stereotype grown on me. But still, I LOVE such school uniforms so here we go!

Excuse the shitty Photoshop, had to work with Sai >_<

Skirt: AP's Candy Chan on a Walk
Blouse: Baby's Rose Blooming Night Blouse
Cardigan: AP's Maiden in Love Ribbon Knit Cardigan
OTKs: Offbrand
Baret: Jane Marple
Bag: Baby's School Bag with matching pass case
Shoes: Bodyline's Shoes 272

I must admit that at least two or three of the pieces used are dream items for me ;) But I really like this look, it's not even really too casual due to the border print but cute and comfy. Nicely warm for winter!

Now, as I felt like it, I made a cute summer coordinate too: this time inspired by Japanese seifuku and in my favorite summer colors, saxon blue and lavender.

AP's Fairy Marine cutsew
Skirt: AP's Classical Princess Skirt
Socks: AP's Misty Sky Crew Socks
Shoes: Secret Shop Tea Party Shoes
Headbow: AP's Fairy Marine headbow
Bag: AP's Marine Sailor 3-way rucksack

This second outfit is a lot sweeter but I think still okay to wear to school. The skirt is a fairly plain skirt with suspenders and the cutsew with the organza sleeves and ribbons gives it a nice, airy feel. This look is a little more outstanding than the first one due to the light colors but I think still suitable for school.

So, have any of you made your back-to-school coords yet? I really need to buy myself some more skirts and blouses (and cute cardigans!!) for school. I hope this post has inspired you to try out some coording!

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