woensdag 20 augustus 2014

Brace yourselves...

...Abunai! is coming

Hi everyone! As some of you may know, the largest convention of the Netherlands, Abunai! (or Abunaicon) is here in a little more than a week. If you're visiting, you probably knew that and otherwise I hope this was a great wake-up call for you ;)

As I do not have any schoolgirl clothing or tartan I will skip the theme again this year. 

It may not seem like a very lolita-like subject, but it certainly is! I myself will be attending and I will also participate in two activities:

Both the Lolita Fashion Show, hosted by Cat, and besides that I will be hosting the Lolita 101 lecture. (I will also participate in the karaoke competition, if you'd like to hear me sing, haha)

The fashion show has a lot of work put in it (I was amazed!) and I have been very busy with my lecture the last month (it's still not finished, sadly. Plus I'm still waiting for my business cards! Con-stress!) so I hope it will be worth it. If you like the fashion or would love to start wearing lolita: come by! The fashion show is made to educate everyone about the wonderful lolita fashion and my lecture is based on starting with lolita.

And as for every con or event, you need coords. I'm not 100% sure about what I'm going to wear all three days, but I really want to wear my Cherry Berry Bunny so that one will be in the planning. I might just throw on my yukata at sunday, though.

If any of you are going, come say hi if you'd like!

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