zaterdag 12 juli 2014

A Dream Dress Acquired...

Even though I had some sad news to share, there's also some happy news!

What could it be?
Cherry Berry Bunny arrived! That was about a week ago already but let's ignore that ;) The print is stunning, even prettier than i thought it would be.

Finding it in sax was great ! And the girl selling it was really nice and was even prepared to send it as soon as I paid to get it in time for a meetup (which i eventually didn't attend due to the passing of my dog). She even sent some cute Hello Kitty candies in the package as a little gift. 

  Isn't it adorable? I also received the headbow and OTKs.
Can't wait to wear the dress out! I also thought about wearing it to the Efteling, a Dutch fairytale-themed amusement park (it's the most fun park in the Netherlands if you ask me!) but i decided on wearing Candy Sprinkle instead so my new dress wouldn't get dirty immediately.

One of the things that made me fall in love with Cherry Berry Bunny is actually the print! The print looks way different from other AP prints and the bunnies are incredibly cute! And the sax color makes them pop more than the other colorways.

Loving the detail! 
This dress will actually see the daylight... Tomorrow! Yes, I will be attending tomorrows Annual Lolita Picnick, even though it has become a lolita-pancake-eating meet due to possible bad weathers. Damn you Dutch summers with all your rain >:<

Another bit of news: I will be heading to a very fashionable (and loliable city) in a few weeks...

Eiffel Tower here i come!
I can't wait to visit Baby for the first time! And Princess Crêpe too (Japanese crêpes in Paris? Must visit! My mom loves them too!) and all the other cute shops! I need to save up a bit...

I hope you'll have a great holiday too! I'll also be mentally preparing for my next school year, as I will (hopefully) graduate from high school then... Oh boy. Enjoy your holidays everyone!

In Loving Memory of Pebbles

Hello everyone,

Instead of usual cheery and cute posts about my lolita lifestyle, today isn't one of those as my dear Pebbles past away a few days ago. 

Apparently she had been suffering from pancreatic cancer (which we didn't know until she suddenly collapsed last sunday) so we agreed to put her down so she wouldn't suffer anymore. She'll always be in our hearts, as she was truly an amazing dog! 

We miss her a lot already and the house surely is empty without her, but after 15-something years some peace and rest is well-earned.