dinsdag 24 juni 2014

A New Package + Coord Testing

Hello everyone!

Today I finally received my ordered AP socks (which I've probably mentioned before somewhere...) and did some shopping, and I've managed to snatch a few cute items for casual lolita wear. It might not be really special, but special enough for me to post about.

First, about the socks! I've ordered them from a girl from Spain via the EGL comm sales. I've ordered Angelic Pretty's Fantastic Dolly socks in mint. I loved the Eiffel Tower on it, so I couldn't resist buying them! €20,- isn't expensive for a pair of socks shipped so I went for it. They were shipped out about two days later, and two days ago the tracking showed they had been shipped overseas! Shipping from Spain took quite a while (way longer than my packages from Italy and England I had ordered a while ago) but it didn't really matter as I didn't need them for an event.

I was pleasantly surprised by the way it was packed! It was sent in an envelope with bubblewrap in it and the girl had taped it shut with a cute line of Hello Kitty x Novala Takemoto deco tape! It features Hello Kitty in sweet lolita, too!

The tape is so cute! I love that she packed it so well!
The socks itself were in a sealed plastic bag and the seller had put a little card in it to show her thanks. I think that is really sweet! It makes me feel appreciated as a buyer c: I originally thought the socks were used but not often, but it turns out they're brand new! The sock clips were even still attached. I'm really happy with everything! The socks are a little brighter than I thought they'd be, but that's alright as I can still wear them without any clashing colors.
Even the paper of the note is cute!
The socks! They look sax in this picture though. They really are a rather bright mint.
The only dress I can wear these with is my Decoration Dream so far, but I might go for Fantastic Dolly after paying for Cherry Berry Bunny (spending so much money.... oops!). I had nearly won an Mbok auction for it but I lost last minute. I'm happy I didn't win though, as I could afford CBB now!

I've also went on a little shopping trip with my mom today, and I bought a super cute denim jacket and a really cute bag, which luckily both go great with Decoration Dream too (does it show that that's my favorite dress? (つд`) ) I've even made a cute little coord with it.

Excuse me for the poor light and camera >-<
I am thinking of pairing it with my Tutuanna socks in sax which I bought at Fly Away Fashion not long ago! Sadly they were in the laundry, so I couldn't pair them but I think it will look great. I have no idea when to wear this though, maybe when I go to the Lolita Picnic in Eindhoven if my Cherry Berry Bunny doesn't arrive on time.

Because I was so busy with pairing this outfit, I took the opportunity of having a camera and my wardrobe close to make some more coord shots! All modelled on my mannequin as I was to lazy to take good pictures of myself  (=ω=;)

First up is one of my favorite coords with my absolutely adorable handmade JSK. My dad made this one for me with fabric featuring French little advertisements (?) with pastries and beverages! It's a really sturdy material so better for colder weather, but I love it nevertheless. I like pairing it with the same sax Tutuanna crew socks as mentioned before.

Outfit Rundown
JSK: handmade
Cardigan: Hema
Beret: bought at RWKY
Wig: bought secondhand, offbrand

The second outfit is actually the oufit I will be wearing in Cat's fashion show at Abunai! 2014! I will be twinning in Candy Sprinkle with my friend Colleen. I will also be going to hold a lecture about lolita fashion, so if you're interested make sure to visit both.

Outfit Rundown
JSK and Headbow: Candy Sprinkle, Angelic Pretty
OTKs: Candy Sprinkle Pony OTKs, Angelic Pretty
Blouse: Cutie Heart Blouse, Angelic Pretty

The last oufit I managed to take pictures off before my camera died (I have some more coords planned!) is the outfit with items I bought today. It might not have the full lolita asthetic, I still really like it! I forgot to add the bag though... 

Outfit Rundown
JSK: Decoration Dream, Angelic Pretty
Jacket and Headband: Primark

I really wish I could've taken pictures of more coords, but sadly my camera died. I might post some more soon though, I really need to make a coord with my new socks. I do have testweek this week though, so I might post it later. I hope you enjoyed this (kind of useless) little post!

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