dinsdag 24 juni 2014

A New Package + Coord Testing

Hello everyone!

Today I finally received my ordered AP socks (which I've probably mentioned before somewhere...) and did some shopping, and I've managed to snatch a few cute items for casual lolita wear. It might not be really special, but special enough for me to post about.

First, about the socks! I've ordered them from a girl from Spain via the EGL comm sales. I've ordered Angelic Pretty's Fantastic Dolly socks in mint. I loved the Eiffel Tower on it, so I couldn't resist buying them! €20,- isn't expensive for a pair of socks shipped so I went for it. They were shipped out about two days later, and two days ago the tracking showed they had been shipped overseas! Shipping from Spain took quite a while (way longer than my packages from Italy and England I had ordered a while ago) but it didn't really matter as I didn't need them for an event.

I was pleasantly surprised by the way it was packed! It was sent in an envelope with bubblewrap in it and the girl had taped it shut with a cute line of Hello Kitty x Novala Takemoto deco tape! It features Hello Kitty in sweet lolita, too!

The tape is so cute! I love that she packed it so well!
The socks itself were in a sealed plastic bag and the seller had put a little card in it to show her thanks. I think that is really sweet! It makes me feel appreciated as a buyer c: I originally thought the socks were used but not often, but it turns out they're brand new! The sock clips were even still attached. I'm really happy with everything! The socks are a little brighter than I thought they'd be, but that's alright as I can still wear them without any clashing colors.
Even the paper of the note is cute!
The socks! They look sax in this picture though. They really are a rather bright mint.
The only dress I can wear these with is my Decoration Dream so far, but I might go for Fantastic Dolly after paying for Cherry Berry Bunny (spending so much money.... oops!). I had nearly won an Mbok auction for it but I lost last minute. I'm happy I didn't win though, as I could afford CBB now!

I've also went on a little shopping trip with my mom today, and I bought a super cute denim jacket and a really cute bag, which luckily both go great with Decoration Dream too (does it show that that's my favorite dress? (つд`) ) I've even made a cute little coord with it.

Excuse me for the poor light and camera >-<
I am thinking of pairing it with my Tutuanna socks in sax which I bought at Fly Away Fashion not long ago! Sadly they were in the laundry, so I couldn't pair them but I think it will look great. I have no idea when to wear this though, maybe when I go to the Lolita Picnic in Eindhoven if my Cherry Berry Bunny doesn't arrive on time.

Because I was so busy with pairing this outfit, I took the opportunity of having a camera and my wardrobe close to make some more coord shots! All modelled on my mannequin as I was to lazy to take good pictures of myself  (=ω=;)

First up is one of my favorite coords with my absolutely adorable handmade JSK. My dad made this one for me with fabric featuring French little advertisements (?) with pastries and beverages! It's a really sturdy material so better for colder weather, but I love it nevertheless. I like pairing it with the same sax Tutuanna crew socks as mentioned before.

Outfit Rundown
JSK: handmade
Cardigan: Hema
Beret: bought at RWKY
Wig: bought secondhand, offbrand

The second outfit is actually the oufit I will be wearing in Cat's fashion show at Abunai! 2014! I will be twinning in Candy Sprinkle with my friend Colleen. I will also be going to hold a lecture about lolita fashion, so if you're interested make sure to visit both.

Outfit Rundown
JSK and Headbow: Candy Sprinkle, Angelic Pretty
OTKs: Candy Sprinkle Pony OTKs, Angelic Pretty
Blouse: Cutie Heart Blouse, Angelic Pretty

The last oufit I managed to take pictures off before my camera died (I have some more coords planned!) is the outfit with items I bought today. It might not have the full lolita asthetic, I still really like it! I forgot to add the bag though... 

Outfit Rundown
JSK: Decoration Dream, Angelic Pretty
Jacket and Headband: Primark

I really wish I could've taken pictures of more coords, but sadly my camera died. I might post some more soon though, I really need to make a coord with my new socks. I do have testweek this week though, so I might post it later. I hope you enjoyed this (kind of useless) little post!

dinsdag 17 juni 2014

A Surprise in the Mail! (CDJapan Review!)

Hello everyone! Time for another blog post, maybe not really lolita-related, but it sure makes me happy!

Today when I was in the bathroom, I heard doors of a car slide open, and I thought it might have been the delivery man with a package! Sadly, what I heard wasn't the delivery man, but the painting company nextdoors T-T

Though, half an hour later, my mom called upstairs that a package had arrived... from Japan! I knew that could only be one thing, my きらきらキラー Limited Editon CD! I've ordered the new Kyary single somewhere in May, as a gift to myself. I didn't realize that so many people missed the release, while I ordered it as a bit of a joke, haha. I knew there were only 7777 copies available around all of Japan, but didn't realize it sold out so quicky. I ordered without being in a hurry at all!

I ordered the CD via CDJapan, as that's the first link I came across and I had heard about it before. It seemed to be a good service and overall, I'm happy with the order! The website is easy to use and very clear, and I was able to place my order fairly quickly! I got an order comfirmation within minutes and I also got an email when my order was shipped. Even though the page said the CD released on the 11th of June (which is my birthday) it was already shipped on the 9th of june! 

The box! It looks fairly big, doesn't it? It looks so professional!
It arrived fairly quickly, eight days after shipping, which is really nice considering I chose the cheapest shipping option (which was 800). The package came to me with a scratches, but it was still taped shut and nothing on the inside was harmed! Which may have been because half of the box was filled with green packaging paper, but still. 
All that green paper! I also got a piece of paper describing the order I placed, it's the white note.
Thanks CDJapan, I didn't know that yet!
As mentioned, the CD was wrapped in green packaging paper, but also in bubblewrap so it was protected really well! And there were some 'Fragile' stamps on the box so the customs would treat it well. But!! Now on to the contents of the (in comparison to the content) huge-ass box!

It also came covered in the little vinyl bag I was promised!
The bag and CD cover are bigger than I thought they would be, really! Normally when you buy CDs the cover is pretty small but this cover is 18 cm x 18 cm!

So, here are the actual contents of the vinyl bag! Included in the bag were the CD (the picture with the blue background is it's cover), a sparkly sticker, a poster and a raffle ticket to win a prize. You can only enter with a Japanese adress though, so I hope my friend Mashiro knows of one!

The back of the CD cover!
On the back of the cover are the names of the two songs (which are Kira Kira Killer and Kira Kira Killer Extended mix) and some information about the recording studio and producers. On the back of the cardboard where the CD is attached to are the lyrics to Kira Kira Killer! That was a nice surprise.

I'm really really happy that CDJapan shipped it out so fast and that it arrived so fast and in this good of a state (even with such cheap shipping!). I've spend only about €18,- on this CD and I'm not dissappointed! So at least I only have to wait for my Fantastic Dolly OTKs now ;3;

donderdag 12 juni 2014

A Happy Birthday!

..to me!

Yes, it was my birthday yesterday! I've received a lot of sweet birthday wishes and I had a pretty good day yesterday, even though I also had an exam x_x

I received my gift first thing in the morning! I already knew what my gift was (I ordered the Sugar Pansy special set OP, along with headbow and barette), but I also received a secret gift: a tea set and €20,-. More money to invest in lolita!

The main gift of course was the OP and accessories I received! I honestly couldn't wait until I could wear it so I wore it that day immediately. I also had an exam yesterday, so I decided to dress up for just that bit of extra luck. I didn't realize the OP is so short though, it's even shorter than my other AP dresses!

It's way shorter than Candy Sprinkle! x_x

I don't think it's great for lolita, honestly, unless you're really, really small. However, it's a cute summer dress and it fits really comfortably. I might trade it for the regular OP though, as it looks a bit wonky with a petticoat too. It doesn't feel lolita at all \(>_<)/

The print and design, however.. they're gorgeous! I love the cute pansies and ribbons that are on the print, and the color of the dress is a really pretty soft pink. It goes so well with the greens, purples and pinks in the print! I also really love the bodice of this OP!

Isn't it cute? The bodice is my favorite so far!
I surely got some attention at my exam, as I was the only one dressed in that much pink and frills ( ´ ▽ ` ). But I got used to that already when out in lolita anyways, so it wasn't a big deal to me! My exam went great, and I sure hope I made it. I took the CAE Cambrigde test, which basically means I speak English on a high level and it's great when you want to go and study abroad (like me). It was an exam with a total of about 4,5 hours though, six if you include breaks -__-

After the exam I went out for dinner with my parents, and we went to one of those restaurants where you get this huge list of food of which you can order for five rounds and order four dishes at the same time. I ate a lot of Ebi Tempura sushi and I even tried sesame ice!

I also received some gifts from friends, but the cutest has to be the cake I got from my friend Marlein, it's the  cutest cake I've ever seen! Besides looking good, it also tastes delicious. So many snacks!

It's Pusheen!!
And the good news doesn't end here, because my Kira Kira Killer limited edition CD is also shipped! I chose the cheapest shipping option (I can't afford $20 for EMS, thats more expensive than the CD!) so it can take up to 12 weeks to arrive... oh well. I'm excited it's on it's way!

These are the contents, the cd, a poster, a vinyl bag, a sticker and a raffle ticket! Picture found here
I'll try to send the raffle ticket to Japan, as I do have an adress where the products you can win can be sent to. It would be great to win something! I hope I can win something!

I guess that sums up my birthday... quite a busy day! I enjoyed it nevertheless and I can't wait untill I'm celebrating my birthday with my friends. I'm a little sad that I can't attend Animecon this weekend though, but well, I can't change that. I hope everyone that is attending does have fun though!

zondag 8 juni 2014

Happy (late) International Lolita Day!

Hello everyone!
First of all, happy late International Lolita Day! It was one of the two days of the year we can really appreciate our fashion style even more! 
As I had some free time yesterday, I decided to dress up for the occassion a bit! 

Outfit Rundown:
JSK: homemade by my dad
Shoes: Bodyline
Socks: Tutuanna
Blouse and Beret: offbrand

I didn't really do anything special for the occassion, I just went to the mall together with my mum. No meetups for me! It turned out to be reaaally hot though! I eventually changed out of lolita as it was just way too hot yesterday. I enjoyed dressing up for a bit though!

So what did you do for ILD? Dress up, attend a meetup, went out for some tea? I hope all of you had fun, whether you did anything lolita-related or not!