donderdag 29 mei 2014

Japanmarkt Leiden

Hello everyone!

Just a few days ago, I visited the Japanmarkt Leiden and bought some sweets there that I never had before, so I decided to write not only a post about the Japanmarkt itself, but also about the food that I bought!

The Japanmarkt is held annually in Leiden since seven years ago, to celebrate the emperor of Japan visiting Leiden and the Sieboldhuis. The market is filled with cute little stands, this year including Summer Tales Boutique and Reality Will Kill You, two of my favorite shops!

I was doubting about what to wear to the market for a while, as I either wanted to dress in lolita or wear my yukata. Considering that it would be warm and sunny, and considering most of my dresses are black, I chose my yukata instead. I'm happy I did, as it was indeed very hot when the sun was shining!

Don't mind my censored face! (ι´Д`)ノ
At the opening of the Japanmarkt, the Japanese ambassador was even attending the event! Along with a few other important people he was allowed to officially open the market by cutting loose a bunch of balloons. It was fun to see that he came all the way over to the Netherlands for this!

There were a lot of shops on the market, including a looooot of food stands (----) I even tried takoyaki! Even though it wasn't the traditional takoyaki, it was still delicious. Besides takoyaki they also sold a lot of other traditional foods! I've seen taiyaki (the red bean fish-shaped cookie!), (strawberry) daifuku, edamame, karaage, a looot of sushi (can't miss out on that!) and yakisoba! There was probably more but there was so much, I can't remember all of it! (xAx)

I came past a cute little stand selling snacks and when I spotted bags of strawberry KitKat, I couldn't resist and bought a bag! I've always wanted to try them and now I had my chance! They also sold matcha flavor and Kitkats you can bake in the oven, but I decided to skip on those as the bags were €5,- a bag, which is quite a lot for 12 snacks. They are delicious though!

I've also bought some taiyaki and mochi, I liked the taiyaki a lot while the mochi tasted rather... strange. It had some sort of mushy cake and red beans in it and it just tasted really weird. The rice cake was really soft either way!

After looking at the snacks, my mom and I reached the Summer Tales Boutique stand and my mom fell in love with their Yosuke Princess in a Cage shoes! She insisted to buy me a pair, but as we'd return later anyways, we decided to wait for a bit. We also passed Reality Will Kill You, but besides an used Loris bag I didn't see much that caught my eye.

When we walked back to an ATM, we ran into my friend Yentl and her parents and uncle. As my parents were hungry and wanted to eat lunch (something non-Japanese of course!) I walked back to the market with Yentl and her family. I think we've been at the RWKY and STB stands three times, but there were so many cute things to buy!

Eventually, I tried on a pair of Yosuke shoes at Summer Tales Boutique. They didn't have the black ones in size L anymore, but Katie said she might have another pair at the shop and that she'd put them aside for me if I sent her a message. (Luckily, she still had one pair left! I paid for them today and I can't wait for them to arrive! ( ´ ▽ ` ))

Beautiful shoes, aren't they? (Photo by Summer Tales Boutique)
I also bought a cute pink beret from Reality Will Kill You! I really wanted a beret to go with my sweet lolita clothing, and this one was perfect! It's pink with roses and little pearls. I regret not buying the cute Angelic Pretty ring though, but I have decided to order it anyways... I guess I'm still a sucker for Angelic Pretty!

Overall it was a lot of fun at the market, I've seen a lot of cute things and tasted a lot of new food (I can't wait to go to Japan! All that food... it's delicious!) and I'll surely go back next year!

Everything I've bought!
Eventually, I went home with the cute beret, the bag of strawberry KitKat, choco-banana Pocky, Pokemon Pocky, an onigiri shaper (I've had sooo much trouble shaping them!) and the coco-red bean daifuku! I'll be posting a review about some of the snacks soon!

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