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Behind the Mask

Hello everyone, yesterday I posted that I was going to Behind the Mask, and as promised, here's my blog entry about the fun evening filled with frills and masks.

This was my outfit! OP by Innocent World, everything else offbrand. I added wristcuffs later.

Behind the Mask was a lolita masked ball event, held in the Kerkzaal in Utrecht. I decided to join with the group who'd walk together to the venue, as I haven't been in Utrecht often and I was sure I'd get lost on my own. The venue wasn't that far away, luckily, so after a short walk we arrived.

This was the Kerkzaal, photo by Zaalverhuur7
After our names were checked on the list, we were allowed to enter. The venue was really nice, there were windows that looked like rainbows (at least, to me they did haha) and you could walk upstairs to some sort of balcony (it was rather big!) where the little shops stood and the workshops were held. Before the opening we were allowed to get some tea (White Rose tea is delicious, if given the chance you should really try it!) and there were sweet snacks such as cupcakes and cookies to have as well.

This white rose tea was delicious! I drank way too much of it (//´ω`///)
A little later than expected, a short opening speech was given and we were free to go shopping for a bit! We didn't have much time to shop though, as the shops were only opened from 16:30 until 18:00! After looking at the four stands, I decided I'd buy a pair of wristcuffs at Summer Tales Boutique's stand. I always wanted a pair of wristcuffs, so I decided on a black pair that matched the black Innocent World OP I was wearing.

They're fairly simple, but they're really cute (and not very expensive)!

After shopping for a bit, I sat down to talk with Michelle (who had a lovely home-made raven mask!) and we chatted a bit about lolita clothing before I was called away for the Wig Styling workshop. When we were talking she mentioned wearing Rosalynn's Milky Berry, and then suddenly I recognized her from that post, haha. Masks can be a bit of a bother!

During the wig styling workshop, which was held by Katie from Summer Tales Boutique, we learned some fun tricks to do with your wig or your real hair. We even learned how to make a small bow of your hair! She also gave us some tips on taking care of your wigs, which were very useful. I'll make sure to wash and comb my wigs more often! It was really nice to learn all of that and I am very happy with the tips she gave us. I really want to try out the ribbon trick, it looked really cute!

After the workshops, the outfit contest started, so we all gathered downstairs to look at the beautiful ladies and gentlemen attending. My friend Colleen was attending in her Candy Sprinkle, and she had a really cute mask with an unicorn horn on it, which was very cute. I also liked Eveline's outfit a lot, she had made a kodona outfit, but with Sugary Carnival fabric! I really liked her outfit, it was very original. Everyone participating (and attending the event) looked wonderful and it was hard to make a decision!

They both looked wonderful! (^▽^)

After the outfit contest we got in line for dinner. There was quite some food, we had warm meatballs and yakitori, pasta salad, various vegetable salads (with delicious potato salad), baguette with all kinds of toppings.. I don't even remember everything there was! Me and Colleen joined Eveline and (I believe) Nienke for dinner and we chatted about our favorite brands and clothes.

Some dinner pictures! All pictures taken by Colleen.

Later that evening, we got a small workshop in dancing the waltz. It was a lot of fun even though me and Colleen weren't that great at it, but well, we tried! And everybody was really excited when the winners of the outfit contest and raffle were announced! My personal favorites didn't win, but I liked the outfits of the winners too. Sadly, I didn't win anything with the raffle, but others got really cute prizes from the vendors.

After that, we could dance for a bit more and took a group picture, and then it was time to go home again. It was a really fun day, and I'd go again if given the chance!
Best selfie I took that evening (─▽─)
I hope you enjoyed reading , more is on the way!  Thank you for reading!! ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ

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