zondag 4 mei 2014

Angelic Pretty Lucky Pack Unboxing!

Lucky indeed!
Two posts in one day? Sure! I have waited with writing this for waaaayyy too long, oops (o´ω`o) But better late than never, so here it finally is!

When Rainedragon wrote a post about the New Year Lucky Packs on her Tumblr, I fell in love with the Candy Sprinkle lucky pack! I originally wanted to buy the Special Set in lavender for ¥31500, but as that was a bit too expensive for me at the time I went for the Jumperskirt Set for ¥15750 in either pink or lavender.

I mailed Nicole (chibi-tenshi) to see if she was able to reserve a lucky pack for me. I was pretty far down in the list, but I decided to give it a try, so I had a backup plan in case I couldn't catch a pack. Sadly, the first batch of lucky packs was released when I was at school and I missed out on those.

Luckily, a friend told me a second batch went up and I managed to catch one of those! The lavender set did not re-release, but the pink did. I quickly made an order (I got one of the last 5 online!) and waited for Angelic Pretty to ship out.

This was the ordered set! The pink looks strange here though. It's way softer.

They were shipped out around the 2nd of January, and my package arrived in the Netherlands in a mere two days! Stupid customs kept my package in their office for 5 days though (⇀‸↼‶). I originally wanted to wear my new dress to the Efteling to make a fairytale themed coord with it, but guess what: it actually arrived while I was at the Efteling with my friends. Great timing, PostNL!

Package!! Just a plain brown box.

Everything was neatly packed in the large pink tote bag!

...And then also in plastic!

These were the items I received!

In the package were the JSK, the matching headbow, a large heart bag (it's also very soft!) and matching socks. I'm really happy with the socks, as they also go great with Decoration Dream. I am not sure how I feel about the other contents of the package. The JSK is adorable but it's so pink (✪㉨✪) It's really overwhelming. Plus, the straps are too long for me and I can't get them to fit my shoulders, as I can't make another hole for the button. The blouse is way too tight for me at the bust (it said 92 cm I believe, but 90 cm doesn't even fit comfortably) and I'm not a fan of big headbows, but I do like the bag a lot!

The colors also confuse me a little because of the green. I've never seen that color green used in a sweet lolita print! It's a really weird color and I'd have liked to see mint instead. I can't find any accessories in that color!

But considering how much I got for the price (pack was €110, with shipping and fees the total price became €187,50) I think I still got items worth the money. I'm still very happy with the cute print. It was worth it!

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