donderdag 29 mei 2014

Japanmarkt Leiden

Hello everyone!

Just a few days ago, I visited the Japanmarkt Leiden and bought some sweets there that I never had before, so I decided to write not only a post about the Japanmarkt itself, but also about the food that I bought!

The Japanmarkt is held annually in Leiden since seven years ago, to celebrate the emperor of Japan visiting Leiden and the Sieboldhuis. The market is filled with cute little stands, this year including Summer Tales Boutique and Reality Will Kill You, two of my favorite shops!

I was doubting about what to wear to the market for a while, as I either wanted to dress in lolita or wear my yukata. Considering that it would be warm and sunny, and considering most of my dresses are black, I chose my yukata instead. I'm happy I did, as it was indeed very hot when the sun was shining!

Don't mind my censored face! (ι´Д`)ノ
At the opening of the Japanmarkt, the Japanese ambassador was even attending the event! Along with a few other important people he was allowed to officially open the market by cutting loose a bunch of balloons. It was fun to see that he came all the way over to the Netherlands for this!

There were a lot of shops on the market, including a looooot of food stands (----) I even tried takoyaki! Even though it wasn't the traditional takoyaki, it was still delicious. Besides takoyaki they also sold a lot of other traditional foods! I've seen taiyaki (the red bean fish-shaped cookie!), (strawberry) daifuku, edamame, karaage, a looot of sushi (can't miss out on that!) and yakisoba! There was probably more but there was so much, I can't remember all of it! (xAx)

I came past a cute little stand selling snacks and when I spotted bags of strawberry KitKat, I couldn't resist and bought a bag! I've always wanted to try them and now I had my chance! They also sold matcha flavor and Kitkats you can bake in the oven, but I decided to skip on those as the bags were €5,- a bag, which is quite a lot for 12 snacks. They are delicious though!

I've also bought some taiyaki and mochi, I liked the taiyaki a lot while the mochi tasted rather... strange. It had some sort of mushy cake and red beans in it and it just tasted really weird. The rice cake was really soft either way!

After looking at the snacks, my mom and I reached the Summer Tales Boutique stand and my mom fell in love with their Yosuke Princess in a Cage shoes! She insisted to buy me a pair, but as we'd return later anyways, we decided to wait for a bit. We also passed Reality Will Kill You, but besides an used Loris bag I didn't see much that caught my eye.

When we walked back to an ATM, we ran into my friend Yentl and her parents and uncle. As my parents were hungry and wanted to eat lunch (something non-Japanese of course!) I walked back to the market with Yentl and her family. I think we've been at the RWKY and STB stands three times, but there were so many cute things to buy!

Eventually, I tried on a pair of Yosuke shoes at Summer Tales Boutique. They didn't have the black ones in size L anymore, but Katie said she might have another pair at the shop and that she'd put them aside for me if I sent her a message. (Luckily, she still had one pair left! I paid for them today and I can't wait for them to arrive! ( ´ ▽ ` ))

Beautiful shoes, aren't they? (Photo by Summer Tales Boutique)
I also bought a cute pink beret from Reality Will Kill You! I really wanted a beret to go with my sweet lolita clothing, and this one was perfect! It's pink with roses and little pearls. I regret not buying the cute Angelic Pretty ring though, but I have decided to order it anyways... I guess I'm still a sucker for Angelic Pretty!

Overall it was a lot of fun at the market, I've seen a lot of cute things and tasted a lot of new food (I can't wait to go to Japan! All that food... it's delicious!) and I'll surely go back next year!

Everything I've bought!
Eventually, I went home with the cute beret, the bag of strawberry KitKat, choco-banana Pocky, Pokemon Pocky, an onigiri shaper (I've had sooo much trouble shaping them!) and the coco-red bean daifuku! I'll be posting a review about some of the snacks soon!

zondag 11 mei 2014

Kyary Pamyu Pamyu Concert: Nanda Collection World Tour

Hello everyone!

This is my favorite blog post to write out of everything I've done the past months! I've been a fan of Kyary's music ever since Tsukema Tsukeru came out and at april 27th I finally got to see her live!

I really wanted to see her live last year (she came to Belgium last year!) but I couldn't go as it was the day before Tsunacon, and I had already bought tickets for that. When I found out she was going for another World Tour I really hoped she'd come either to Belgium again or the Netherlands. Sadly, she wasn't going to any of those countries, but she was going to Germany!

Germany is a big country, so I hoped it wouldn't be too far away, and luckily, the concert was held in the Gloria Theatre in Cologne/Köln! Cologne is only a 1,5 hour drive from my house, so I made my dad buy some tickets right after they released and got two tickets, so I could bring a friend.

I invited my friend Yentl to come with me (my parents offered to pay the ticket for her, as they'd have to pay either way if I wasn't going to bring anyone, and they don't like the music themselves anyways) and so when she arrived, we chose our outfits for the concert. We decided on wearing lolita, though without wigs as it easily gets way too hot during concerts.

I don't have better pictures of our outfits than the one below (with Pamyurin looking fabulous too), so I'm just placing a quick outfit rundown here.

Outfit Rundown:
JSK: Angelic Pretty's Decoration Dream  /ミ☆/ Angelic Pretty's Candy Sprinkle
Socks: Angelic Pretty's Candy Sprinkle OTK /ミ☆/ Angelic Pretty's Dream Fantasy OTK
Shoes: Bodyline /ミ☆/ offbrand
Cardigan / Yentl's blouse: thrifted
Head accessories: Claire's /ミ☆/ Angelic Pretty's Candy Sprinkle KC

We took a picture with Pamyurin! We were last, so lucky!
When we arrived, we first ate something and then got in line. It looked quite long, but after about 10 minutes we were in already! We both bought the blue Kyary shirt (sadly my mom put it in the washing machine along with a cloth that had bleach on it and now it's ruined -____-) and then got in line to take a (polaroid) picture with Kyary's mascot, Pamyurin (pictured above). We were the last ones that were allowed to take a picture, as Pamyurin had to leave afterwards, we were so lucky!

We had to wait quite long for the concert to start, but when we finally heard the taiko of Nanda Collection, everyone got really enthusiastic and when Kyary finally appeared on stage, everyone cheered. She was wearing a really cool fake fur outfit! Her first song was Invader Invader and it sure woke us up, because the bass went right through us! It was really loud, but also a great song to start with.

Her first outfit! I love the claw on her shoulder.
After Invader Invader she talked to us (a bit in German, even!) and she sang み and Family Party (my favorite song at the moment, it's so cute!). Before Ninjari Ban Ban, she taught us some moves to do during the song! Then she sang Kyary-ANAN and Furisodeshon, before her short intermission.

During the intermission, a blue giant rabbit came on stage to dance for us, but he was rather scary...

He was really creepy... (picture by wasurenai)
Then, we heard Pamyu Pamyu Revolution starting and Kyary appeared back on stage for Mottai Night Land. She was dressed in a really cute Dirndl inspired outfit. I love the big sparkly bow she was wearing!

This was the outfit she was wearing at the concert too!
After Mottai Night Land she held another short speech and then sang Sungoi Aura (I didn't recognize it at first... bad me!), Kura Kura, Super Scooter Happy (it's actually a cover of a Perfume song, I believe, I don't really like the song) and then she finally sang Yume no Hajima Rin Rin! It's a really nice song about ends and new beginnings and I really liked it. She went on with Saigo no Ice Cream and then sang one of her more famous songs, Tsukema Tsukeru!

After that there was another intermission, in which a short video was shown (it can be found here if you're interested). It was really funny and cute, and even with a little Kamikaze Girls reference. We didn't understand it all, but it was still fun. She reappeared on stage with きやりーのマーチ and sang Cherry Bon Bon and of course... PonPonPon! The whole audience went crazy and sang along with PonPonPon, it was really cool. But then she held another last speech but said... 最後の歌! Sadly, she announched her last song, Fashion Monster. Everybody danced and sang along too.

This was her last outfit! I loved this one the most. (Picture by Harajuku Kawaii Style)
After vanishing off the stage for a while, she reappeared for an encore! She was wearing the blue shirt she was selling at the merch booth too with her famous pink and yellow rabbit hat. She sang CANDY CANDY and ちゃんちゃかちゃんちゃん and then she really had to go, but first took a picture with the whole crowd! (sadly, I can't find it...)

I also loved the big yellow bear in the background! (Picture by Yentl)
I had a lot of fun at the concert, and I'm sure I'll go see her live again whenever I can. I really love kyary, even more after the concert! I even ordered her new limited edition single Kira Kira Killer (only 7777 copies of the cd are made!), which releases on my birthday. A birthday gift to myself (/=w=\) so excited!

zondag 4 mei 2014

Angelic Pretty Lucky Pack Unboxing!

Lucky indeed!
Two posts in one day? Sure! I have waited with writing this for waaaayyy too long, oops (o´ω`o) But better late than never, so here it finally is!

When Rainedragon wrote a post about the New Year Lucky Packs on her Tumblr, I fell in love with the Candy Sprinkle lucky pack! I originally wanted to buy the Special Set in lavender for ¥31500, but as that was a bit too expensive for me at the time I went for the Jumperskirt Set for ¥15750 in either pink or lavender.

I mailed Nicole (chibi-tenshi) to see if she was able to reserve a lucky pack for me. I was pretty far down in the list, but I decided to give it a try, so I had a backup plan in case I couldn't catch a pack. Sadly, the first batch of lucky packs was released when I was at school and I missed out on those.

Luckily, a friend told me a second batch went up and I managed to catch one of those! The lavender set did not re-release, but the pink did. I quickly made an order (I got one of the last 5 online!) and waited for Angelic Pretty to ship out.

This was the ordered set! The pink looks strange here though. It's way softer.

They were shipped out around the 2nd of January, and my package arrived in the Netherlands in a mere two days! Stupid customs kept my package in their office for 5 days though (⇀‸↼‶). I originally wanted to wear my new dress to the Efteling to make a fairytale themed coord with it, but guess what: it actually arrived while I was at the Efteling with my friends. Great timing, PostNL!

Package!! Just a plain brown box.

Everything was neatly packed in the large pink tote bag!

...And then also in plastic!

These were the items I received!

In the package were the JSK, the matching headbow, a large heart bag (it's also very soft!) and matching socks. I'm really happy with the socks, as they also go great with Decoration Dream. I am not sure how I feel about the other contents of the package. The JSK is adorable but it's so pink (✪㉨✪) It's really overwhelming. Plus, the straps are too long for me and I can't get them to fit my shoulders, as I can't make another hole for the button. The blouse is way too tight for me at the bust (it said 92 cm I believe, but 90 cm doesn't even fit comfortably) and I'm not a fan of big headbows, but I do like the bag a lot!

The colors also confuse me a little because of the green. I've never seen that color green used in a sweet lolita print! It's a really weird color and I'd have liked to see mint instead. I can't find any accessories in that color!

But considering how much I got for the price (pack was €110, with shipping and fees the total price became €187,50) I think I still got items worth the money. I'm still very happy with the cute print. It was worth it!

Behind the Mask

Hello everyone, yesterday I posted that I was going to Behind the Mask, and as promised, here's my blog entry about the fun evening filled with frills and masks.

This was my outfit! OP by Innocent World, everything else offbrand. I added wristcuffs later.

Behind the Mask was a lolita masked ball event, held in the Kerkzaal in Utrecht. I decided to join with the group who'd walk together to the venue, as I haven't been in Utrecht often and I was sure I'd get lost on my own. The venue wasn't that far away, luckily, so after a short walk we arrived.

This was the Kerkzaal, photo by Zaalverhuur7
After our names were checked on the list, we were allowed to enter. The venue was really nice, there were windows that looked like rainbows (at least, to me they did haha) and you could walk upstairs to some sort of balcony (it was rather big!) where the little shops stood and the workshops were held. Before the opening we were allowed to get some tea (White Rose tea is delicious, if given the chance you should really try it!) and there were sweet snacks such as cupcakes and cookies to have as well.

This white rose tea was delicious! I drank way too much of it (//´ω`///)
A little later than expected, a short opening speech was given and we were free to go shopping for a bit! We didn't have much time to shop though, as the shops were only opened from 16:30 until 18:00! After looking at the four stands, I decided I'd buy a pair of wristcuffs at Summer Tales Boutique's stand. I always wanted a pair of wristcuffs, so I decided on a black pair that matched the black Innocent World OP I was wearing.

They're fairly simple, but they're really cute (and not very expensive)!

After shopping for a bit, I sat down to talk with Michelle (who had a lovely home-made raven mask!) and we chatted a bit about lolita clothing before I was called away for the Wig Styling workshop. When we were talking she mentioned wearing Rosalynn's Milky Berry, and then suddenly I recognized her from that post, haha. Masks can be a bit of a bother!

During the wig styling workshop, which was held by Katie from Summer Tales Boutique, we learned some fun tricks to do with your wig or your real hair. We even learned how to make a small bow of your hair! She also gave us some tips on taking care of your wigs, which were very useful. I'll make sure to wash and comb my wigs more often! It was really nice to learn all of that and I am very happy with the tips she gave us. I really want to try out the ribbon trick, it looked really cute!

After the workshops, the outfit contest started, so we all gathered downstairs to look at the beautiful ladies and gentlemen attending. My friend Colleen was attending in her Candy Sprinkle, and she had a really cute mask with an unicorn horn on it, which was very cute. I also liked Eveline's outfit a lot, she had made a kodona outfit, but with Sugary Carnival fabric! I really liked her outfit, it was very original. Everyone participating (and attending the event) looked wonderful and it was hard to make a decision!

They both looked wonderful! (^▽^)

After the outfit contest we got in line for dinner. There was quite some food, we had warm meatballs and yakitori, pasta salad, various vegetable salads (with delicious potato salad), baguette with all kinds of toppings.. I don't even remember everything there was! Me and Colleen joined Eveline and (I believe) Nienke for dinner and we chatted about our favorite brands and clothes.

Some dinner pictures! All pictures taken by Colleen.

Later that evening, we got a small workshop in dancing the waltz. It was a lot of fun even though me and Colleen weren't that great at it, but well, we tried! And everybody was really excited when the winners of the outfit contest and raffle were announced! My personal favorites didn't win, but I liked the outfits of the winners too. Sadly, I didn't win anything with the raffle, but others got really cute prizes from the vendors.

After that, we could dance for a bit more and took a group picture, and then it was time to go home again. It was a really fun day, and I'd go again if given the chance!
Best selfie I took that evening (─▽─)
I hope you enjoyed reading , more is on the way!  Thank you for reading!! ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ

zaterdag 3 mei 2014

I'm back again!

Hello everyone!

When I was dressing up this morning for this evening's event, I suddenly realized that I still have this blog to write on, oops. I did all sorts of things to write about (I received my lucky pack in January, then I went to Tsunacon, I also went to Elfia and saw Kyary Pamyu Pamyu in Cologne, plus I received my new Innocent World dress... I actually did a lot) and I never did. So I think it's time to bring this blog back to life...

...but after I return from Behind the Mask! It's a lolita masked ball held by a few girls from the Dutch/Belgian lolita community. I've been looking forward to this for a while, and I'm really excited! It's also fun to see my friend Colleen again, whom I saw only for a split second at Tsunacon. Plus I'm wearing my new IW OP, and I'm excited to wear it out!

I'll write about my other activities soon, and of course also about Behind the Mask.

Looking back at my other posts, I realize I really need to work on  my writing skills too. Oh well, with about 5 new posts I should be able to do that!