donderdag 16 oktober 2014

♥ Special Review: Kigurumi Party ♥

Hello everyone!

A few weeks ago I entered a giveaway on facebook, hosted by the popular Dutch anime, manga and Japan-related blog The Sushi Times. Normally I don't really care much for anime and manga, but this time they gave away a free kigurumi you could choose from the entire webshop of Kigurumi Party. Knowing my terrible memory, I quickly forgot about the giveaway and didn't even check on who won until a friend tagged me. I had won!

For those who don't know, kigurumis are often described as loungewear or pyjamas, but are also seen as costumes or as lazy convention wear ;) They're mostly baggy animal suits, made out of fleece or a similiar soft fabric. Primark also sells some sort of onesies that seem to be inspired by kigurumis.

Now, their webshop only offers official Sazac kigurumis/onesies, which is a Japanese professional Kigurumi brand (so no cheap Ebay knockoffs here ;) ). They have a lot of kigurumis to offer, from unicorns to bats and from giraffe to seal. I had a real hard time choosing from all the cute kigurumis, I couldn't choose between the fox and the wolf (a friend also suggested the unicorn but that's too girly for me ;) ). But eventually I made my choice and went for the wolf!

The stock photo! You can find the page to buy here
Their kigurumis are a one size, fits all (well, fits all if you're about 1,50 m to 1,80 m!) so I didn't have to worry about choosing a size. They also don't have color choices, you get what's in the picture. They offer free shipping to the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany, and there are various easy ways to pay!

It took a while for me to actually order after I received my code to redeem because I couldn't choose, but it didn't matter at all :) though I must admit the communications about the code went through the Sushi Times. I eventually ordered on the 14th of october. My package was shipped out the 15th and it arrived today, the 16th.

So today after quite a rough day I came home to this huuuuge package:

I've put my Usakumya pochette next to it for size reference.
My dad was confused at first and thought it was a pillow :p it was really soft and fluffy so in a way I understand. The package came to me in a sturdy sort of plastic bag. I couldn't wait to open the package, so I did.
So angry desu
Underneath the plastic was more plastic to protect it from damage. 

Finally freed from its package!
I really couldn't wait so I put the kigurumi on immediately! It's made from super soft fleece and it fits quite well. It's a little big on me (well, let's say I can fit in it twice ;) ) but it's really comfortable.

Here is it worn, you can't really see the baggyness like this though
I am so happy I won this giveaway because the kigurumi is super comfy and also really adorable (in a way ;) ) I will probably order the fox kigurumi too when I have some more money!

♥ Ratings 
Item: 5/5
Shipping time: 5/5
Packaging: 5/5
Overall experience: 5/5, would definitely order again!

I hope this review might have convinced any of you to buy an adorable kigurumi like this ;) Definitely worth it!

maandag 6 oktober 2014

Closet Child Review

Hello everyone!

Recently I have made a little purchase at Closet Child to treat myself to something nice (something I actually do way too often while I should save up money) and I can honestly say, I was pleasantly surprised with their service and the item I received!

The item I ordered was the Sugar Pansy Bonnet from Angelic Pretty in pink. It had been given a 3/5 rating and was described with some signs of wear and a dull feeling overall, as well as folded ribbons. It was priced at ¥3000 (approx. €21 or $28) and after doubting for a bit, I decided to go ahead and order it anyways!

AP's stock photo of the bonnet
I ordered the bonnet on the 27th of september (which was a saturday), and I received confirmation that the item was in stock the day after. I received a PayPal invoice and paid the same day, after which my item was being prepared for shipment. My bonnet was shipped on tuesday the 30th, so I received my tracking number and waiting begun!

And luckily, as CC only offers EMS shipping, I didn't have to wait long! Last thursday the package got into customs and it was released a day later. When I came home from school, there was a nice surprise waiting for me on the kitchen table.

Neatly packed in an envelope with bubblewrap!

And there it is!

The bonnet was also packed in a plastic bag in the envelope to protect it even better. The envelope itself was also very sturdy. 

And here it is out of the package!
The bonnet is very soft and still very pretty! It does feel a bit worn but that was mentioned in the description. I don't really see what Closet Child mentioned about the ribbons, they were folded or twisted according to their website but the ribbons look absolutely fine.

And here's the bonnet being worn! (Excuse me for the terrible quality and the lack of makeup, I took it with my phone after a long day at school) It looks adorable and it goes really well with my Decoration Dream dress (just like the SP headbow).

It matches the pastels really well!
I guess that this is also a sign I should buy the Sugar Pansy JSK or skirt because I don't actually own my Sugar Pansy OP anymore. I keep falling in love with the print!

Anyways, now on to my ratings:

Shipping time: 5/5
Packaging: 5/5
Item itself: 5/5 (even better than described)
Communication: 5/5

So overall my experience was perfect! I'm really happy with my purchase and would definitely purchase from Closet Child again.

vrijdag 12 september 2014

LBC - Your Most Prized Lolita Piece

Hello everyone,

Sorry for the recent lack of activity, I've been fairly busy with school as I will (hopefully) graduate from high school this year so I don't have much time to think of new blog post subjects x_x Although, when a fun LBC subject comes up, I can't say no!

This week's subject is "Your Most Prized Lolita Piece" and I didn't need to think very long about what piece in my wardrobe that is, really. The piece I still love and adore the most is no other than my first brand JSK: Decoration Dream!

The stock photo really doesn't do it justice!

I love this dress a lot, and I wasn't even really planning to buy this originally! It's a little story, really. When I had finally decided to save up money for my first big brand dress, I browsed Closet Child and there it was, the Sugary Carnival OP in lavender. I fell head over heels in love with it and just culdn't get it out of my mind. I sold a lot of extra items I had around, did extra chores and...

It was sold just when I had gotten the money.

I was quite sad about that and then decided to search for the dress on a sales comm, and ended up finding an Italian girl who sold the JSK. She'd hold the dress for me if I'd make a deposit, which I did, but I accidently paid with the E-check option (it takes about 8-9 days for the money to reach the seller if you use that) and she got incredibly mad at me :/ She cancelled the hold for me and put it for sale again (for €50 less!!!) while she didn't even refund me at first. After a lot of arguing with the girl I did get my money back.

I was really devastated and decided to give up on that dress. My mom felt bad for me so we went to MiraiFashion's webpage and then my eye fell on Decoration Dream. I had seen the dress in real life a few weeks before that and I did remember I really really liked it. I dedided to just go for it and made an appointment to try it on!

And well, here we are! 

I even wore it to Abunaicon two weeks ago! Ignore the weird lighting on my face -___-
The story behind the dress isn't very important to me anymore though. I was really happy with my first brand dress and I still am. I normally don't like bittersweet but this dress is adorable in the black colorway and I just loooove the row of bows and lace on the front! I wish more dresses had that cut (so far I know Candy Treat has it but I don't like the colors of that dress, sadly.) and also that gorgeous bustle back!

I can definitely say this dress grew on me. While it was first just my cool expensive dress, it's now probably the one with the most sentimental value but still one of the prettiest. I still remember when I made my first coord with it, which looked unbalanced and quite terrible. I guess I've learned by now.

But well, long story made short: this dress is definitely my most prized lolita piece. 

~♥ Other blogs who posted about this subject ♥~

donderdag 28 augustus 2014

LBC - Back to School Style!

Hello everyone!

Even though I'm busy packing my Abunai! stuff and finishing my lecture last minute, I couldn't skip this LBC theme. I hadn't found any themes that were that appealing to make my first Lolita Blog Carnival post, but this one is too much fun to let go.

School always makes me think of tartan skirts, kneesocks or OTK socks and white blouses with schoolgirl ribbons or ties. Which, considering I never ever have or had to wear a school uniform here in the Netherlands, is more or less of a stereotype grown on me. But still, I LOVE such school uniforms so here we go!

Excuse the shitty Photoshop, had to work with Sai >_<

Skirt: AP's Candy Chan on a Walk
Blouse: Baby's Rose Blooming Night Blouse
Cardigan: AP's Maiden in Love Ribbon Knit Cardigan
OTKs: Offbrand
Baret: Jane Marple
Bag: Baby's School Bag with matching pass case
Shoes: Bodyline's Shoes 272

I must admit that at least two or three of the pieces used are dream items for me ;) But I really like this look, it's not even really too casual due to the border print but cute and comfy. Nicely warm for winter!

Now, as I felt like it, I made a cute summer coordinate too: this time inspired by Japanese seifuku and in my favorite summer colors, saxon blue and lavender.

AP's Fairy Marine cutsew
Skirt: AP's Classical Princess Skirt
Socks: AP's Misty Sky Crew Socks
Shoes: Secret Shop Tea Party Shoes
Headbow: AP's Fairy Marine headbow
Bag: AP's Marine Sailor 3-way rucksack

This second outfit is a lot sweeter but I think still okay to wear to school. The skirt is a fairly plain skirt with suspenders and the cutsew with the organza sleeves and ribbons gives it a nice, airy feel. This look is a little more outstanding than the first one due to the light colors but I think still suitable for school.

So, have any of you made your back-to-school coords yet? I really need to buy myself some more skirts and blouses (and cute cardigans!!) for school. I hope this post has inspired you to try out some coording!

woensdag 20 augustus 2014

Brace yourselves...

...Abunai! is coming

Hi everyone! As some of you may know, the largest convention of the Netherlands, Abunai! (or Abunaicon) is here in a little more than a week. If you're visiting, you probably knew that and otherwise I hope this was a great wake-up call for you ;)

As I do not have any schoolgirl clothing or tartan I will skip the theme again this year. 

It may not seem like a very lolita-like subject, but it certainly is! I myself will be attending and I will also participate in two activities:

Both the Lolita Fashion Show, hosted by Cat, and besides that I will be hosting the Lolita 101 lecture. (I will also participate in the karaoke competition, if you'd like to hear me sing, haha)

The fashion show has a lot of work put in it (I was amazed!) and I have been very busy with my lecture the last month (it's still not finished, sadly. Plus I'm still waiting for my business cards! Con-stress!) so I hope it will be worth it. If you like the fashion or would love to start wearing lolita: come by! The fashion show is made to educate everyone about the wonderful lolita fashion and my lecture is based on starting with lolita.

And as for every con or event, you need coords. I'm not 100% sure about what I'm going to wear all three days, but I really want to wear my Cherry Berry Bunny so that one will be in the planning. I might just throw on my yukata at sunday, though.

If any of you are going, come say hi if you'd like!

maandag 4 augustus 2014

A Shopping Trip to Paris

Hi everyone!

I've finally returned from my vacation a few days ago and now taking the time to write about my trip to Paris! I must admit I went there specifically to go lolita shopping but it was a lot of fun.

We actually went on a two-week vacation to Spain first and then drove to Paris on our way bag. As that was already a ten-hour drive, with nearly no sleep (there was a railway next to our house -__-) we didn't do much on the first day in Paris except going out for dinner.

The second day however, we had made up a plan to visit a lot of shops. I was planning on wearing full lolita but I slowly lost more and more parts of my outfit again, haha. I took off my OTKs almost immediately!
We originally wanted to visit Baby the Stars Shine Bright first, but as it was closed until 12 P.M. we decided to head to Jugetsudo and Guiq'Chaq first. 

Jugetsudo was a really cute Japanese tea store. I love drinking Japanese tea a lot so I couldn't skip this shop. Sadly, Japanese tea is really, really expensive (⇀‸↼‶) 
I decided to go for a little bag containing an assortiment of teabags, and the shopgirl offered me and my parents to try some cold gyokuro tea. I thought it was delicious, but my mom quickly traded my empty glass for her full one as she hated the taste. Oh well. 

The girl wrapped up the purchase and my mom pointed out that both girls in the shop really seemed to love my dress! When we returned to the hotel later that evening and I opened the bag with my purchase, I saw that she added some extra bags of sencha with my purchase. I don't know whether they do that with every customer or that they just really liked me (─▽─)

Next up was the little store of Guiq'Chaq! I've never visited any of these Paris shops before and I was surprised by the small size of the shop! Even though Mfashion here is very small, this was even smaller. Mikiko, the shop girl, was really nice and asked us where we came from, if I'd visited before and whether I was part of the Facebook group. She was really kind and I ended up talking with her about lolita fashion and Japan for a while while my parents waited outside, oops.

We ended up talking about the Angelic Pretty tea party and Japan Expo (which I both would've wanted to attent!) and she was dissappointed I didn't come to Japan Expo this year. She said I really had to come next year and otherwise, just would've had to go and visit Japan ( ´∀`). When I told her I will probably visit Japan next year, she was really happy and recommended me a lot of things. It was really nice that she was so enthousiastic and kind! 

I also browsed the shop for a bit but except for a cute (but very expensive) Putumayo cutsew nothing really caught my eye. We said goodbye and went back to the metro to head to Avenue Ledru Rollin, where Baby has their store!

Sadly, Avenue Ledru Rollin is a long long street... We came onto it through another street which crossed halfway through the street. We started to walk to the south, but it turned out (after 15 minutes -__-) that we had to walk north on Ledru Rollin instead! When we finally went the right way, the shop wasn't difficult to find due to its pinkish storefront.

The dresses up for display were Starlight Carnivale on the left, and Sister Maria's Hummingbirds and Collection Douche Chocolatier on the right. Starlight Carnivale is even prettier in real life! I loved the JSKs that were still in stock but they were too expensive for me right now. 

After browsing the store for a bit, I found myself liking a lot of Baby dresses I disliked on my computer screen! I'm doubting whether to search for Sheep Garden or buy a cute Baby dress right now... There was one dress in particular but I don't remember the name. But after looking at all items, what really caught my eye were the usakumyas! I was surprised to see the pochette in all three colors, as I only saw the pink version listed on the Baby blog. I felt like a kid again, they were really there: the bag I had wanted for so long! I was trembling with excitement at that point.

I've actually wanted an usakumya pochette ever since I knew they existed. I just think they are adorable and long story short, I had to have one. My mom really questions why as she thinks they are terrifying due to the red/pink eyes (except for the black version which has blue eyes) but I decided to go for the white version as I don't wear that much black. I might buy a black one later though (/≧ω≦\) they just are too cute! When I had that Usakumya in my hands, I didn't want to let go, haha.

As everything else was a bit too expensive for me, I took the usakumya to the cashier and he wrapped up my purchase. I was surprised with how much care they packed my new bag! The Japanese guy wrapped it in pink paper first, then in the bag, then taped it shut with a Baby sticker and eventually tied it up with a Baby ribbon. He even bowed when he handed it over to me and thanked me! The fact he handed it over with two hands and bowed surprised me, as that's a formal gesture and I really just came to shop, haha.

With my new purchase!
As it was about 1 P.M already, we decided to walk to Princess Crêpe as it wasn't a very long walk. When we finally arrived at the Rue des Ecouffes, the heart-shaped storefront was difficult to miss! First things first, my mom and I inspected the menu outside and my dad took some pictures.

They even have the fake plastic crêpes!
My parents decided that since I wanted to go there, I'd have to order for them. My French is really, really bad and so I decided to order in Japanese instead, which was probably easier for me and the girl taking the order. While I was ordering, a Dutch girl and her mom walked in and the girl pointed out, "It looks like something from a Barbie movie!". My mom couldn't help but laugh and explain the situation to her, both about the cute interior of the restaurant and my clothing. Luckily they were genuinely interested and after the explanation, they seemed very enthousiastic about it!

When our orders were done, we took place in the restaurant and ate our delicious (though difficult to eat) crêpes. My mom ordered a simple crêpe with strawberries, strawberry sauce and whipped cream, my dad ordered the chocolate crêpe with a really long name (choco chocochocolat chantilly, I believe?) which had a lot of chocolate but also chocolate ice and I went with a crêpe with mixed forest fruits, strawberry sauce and whipped cream. I definitely recommend eating there, they were absolutely delicious!

Crepes! (Don't mind my hair, it was windy and hot that day x_x)
Also, when we were at Baby's, the man in the background of the crêpe picture was working there (really, he even wrapped up my purchase!) but when we entered Princess Crêpe, he barged in and went to work there! Isn't that crazy? We were totally surprised by it, but it was also very funny.

After eating our crêpes, we went along to visit Axes Femme. While it's not a lolita store, I heard they had loli-able items and other cute fashion. And that was absolutely true! Before I knew, I'd spend one and a half hour in there. Oops.

My mom really liked the clothing too, so we browsed together!
I've tried on a ton of things, but to my surprise: a lot of things were too big! I've never had that before. Axes Femme offers her items in one size only, and everything is size M or L. Apparently, I needed a size S for most items .__. I knew I had lost some weight but I didn't think I'd lost a whole size! Eventually I did find two cute dresses/sets though. One was a really cute blouse with a skirt with suspenders, but it was offered in both lavender and brown and I just couldn't choose! Eventually I went with brown, as much as I loved the lavender, brown was just way easier to combine. I'm still happy with my choice!

The Axes Femme storefront looks so mature!
Axes Femme was significantly cheaper than Baby (and AF had sale, Baby's ended the day before) so my parents paid for my dresses ^^ Still making up for that by cooking and doing the dishes. 

After Axes Femme, I had set my eyes on Junkudo, a Japanese bookstore in the heart of Paris. We took the underground again and made our way to the store. From the outside, it looked like it wasn't big at all, but it had a large basement filled with manga and other cute items too! I've browsed the store for so long that we couldn't visit Ladurée anymore. Oops.

I browsed through the magazines and although the Kera for both august and september was available, they didn't really catch my eye so I left those. There also was a Zipper available with Kyary on it, but it wasn't that interesting either. After some searching, I did find the Otome no Sewing magazines and handed those over to my dad (he's the one who sews in this house!) and he even ended up buying one. It features really cute patterns, a cute fur jacket, three JSKs, a bonnet, a bunny bag... and a lot more! Even a kimono, and I really needed that pattern c:

I also browsed the light novels and children's books, and soon the Wolf Children light novel caught my eye. I love that movie and I couldn't resist leaving it there! It's easy to read as every word made out of kanji is also spelled out in hiragana. It's supposed to be a book for children age 6-14 but I don't really care, haha.

Afterwards, I went to the basement to look at some manga. I searched a bit for Dangan Ronpa (which I love, if you like detective-themed manga you should look it up) but they only had the giant Reload book which was €50,-, so not buying that one. I ended up buying 神のみぞ知るセカイ. It actually was the first anime I watched, but now I am sad I didn't buy 狼と香辛料 as I love that manga to death, haha.

After Junkudo, we had gotten quite hungry so my parents asked me what I wanted to eat. I had already decided I wanted to eat REAL Japanese food, as I don't have that possibility in my hometown. The first Japanese restaurant we ran into was called Sapporo, and we decided to just go with it as we were starving after walking there. Their specialty was ramen, but they also offered curry and rice bowls, as well as complete menus with a few small dishes.

By the time of the picture I had already eaten my gyoza, but these are my other two dishes!
My parents and I all ordered a different menu, I ordered Menu E which included pork ramen, demi-Curry (which is just a half portion, but the demi does add something for me :p) and gyoza. My mom went for Menu B which had yakuniku with vegetables, rice, salted cucumber and miso soup and my dad went for Menu D which included a rice bowl with BBQ-meat on top, miso soup and gyoza. They were in an adventurous mood (which proves why they went along with eating asian food) and also ordered Japanese beer, instead of good old Heineken.

I must say, I definitely recommend this restaurant! The restaurant itself is small and not really flashy, but the food is delicious. The ramen isn't their specialty for nothing, it's really, really good. They offer a nice variety of different dishes so there's something for anyone. My curry also was delicious, but I didn't manage to eat all of it as I ate too much ramen already, haha.

Don't mind my censored face, I was really tired at the moment.
Afterwards, my mom and I really wanted to head back to the hotel as our feet were killing us, but my dad really wanted to see the eiffel tower in the dark. We ended up walking through the Jardin des Tuileries, to a sort of balcony where you could sit and look over the city. We could see the Obelisk, one of the Arcs and the Eiffel Tower from there so my dad was of course really satisfied.

Isn't this picture pretty?
When it finally got dark, my dad went to take some pictures while my mom and I bought some drinks down at the kiosk. We returned to the balcony to enjoy the view for a bit longer and then went back to the metro to go back to our hotel. I nearly fell asleep already x_x

When we got up the next morning, we had to pack our bags again as we were already going home. It had been a long day before so all of us were glad we could finally go home again. It's always a great feeling to come home to your own bed and home after a vacation! I've had a great time in Paris, and I definitely recommend spending a few days there: you won't regret it.

Purchases of the day:

- Usakumya pochette
- Axes Femme dresses
- TWGOK manga
- Wolf Children Light novel
- Travel Japanese Tea Pack and sencha teabags
- Otome no Sewing book 4

Thank you for reading!~

zaterdag 12 juli 2014

A Dream Dress Acquired...

Even though I had some sad news to share, there's also some happy news!

What could it be?
Cherry Berry Bunny arrived! That was about a week ago already but let's ignore that ;) The print is stunning, even prettier than i thought it would be.

Finding it in sax was great ! And the girl selling it was really nice and was even prepared to send it as soon as I paid to get it in time for a meetup (which i eventually didn't attend due to the passing of my dog). She even sent some cute Hello Kitty candies in the package as a little gift. 

  Isn't it adorable? I also received the headbow and OTKs.
Can't wait to wear the dress out! I also thought about wearing it to the Efteling, a Dutch fairytale-themed amusement park (it's the most fun park in the Netherlands if you ask me!) but i decided on wearing Candy Sprinkle instead so my new dress wouldn't get dirty immediately.

One of the things that made me fall in love with Cherry Berry Bunny is actually the print! The print looks way different from other AP prints and the bunnies are incredibly cute! And the sax color makes them pop more than the other colorways.

Loving the detail! 
This dress will actually see the daylight... Tomorrow! Yes, I will be attending tomorrows Annual Lolita Picnick, even though it has become a lolita-pancake-eating meet due to possible bad weathers. Damn you Dutch summers with all your rain >:<

Another bit of news: I will be heading to a very fashionable (and loliable city) in a few weeks...

Eiffel Tower here i come!
I can't wait to visit Baby for the first time! And Princess Crêpe too (Japanese crêpes in Paris? Must visit! My mom loves them too!) and all the other cute shops! I need to save up a bit...

I hope you'll have a great holiday too! I'll also be mentally preparing for my next school year, as I will (hopefully) graduate from high school then... Oh boy. Enjoy your holidays everyone!

In Loving Memory of Pebbles

Hello everyone,

Instead of usual cheery and cute posts about my lolita lifestyle, today isn't one of those as my dear Pebbles past away a few days ago. 

Apparently she had been suffering from pancreatic cancer (which we didn't know until she suddenly collapsed last sunday) so we agreed to put her down so she wouldn't suffer anymore. She'll always be in our hearts, as she was truly an amazing dog! 

We miss her a lot already and the house surely is empty without her, but after 15-something years some peace and rest is well-earned. 

dinsdag 24 juni 2014

A New Package + Coord Testing

Hello everyone!

Today I finally received my ordered AP socks (which I've probably mentioned before somewhere...) and did some shopping, and I've managed to snatch a few cute items for casual lolita wear. It might not be really special, but special enough for me to post about.

First, about the socks! I've ordered them from a girl from Spain via the EGL comm sales. I've ordered Angelic Pretty's Fantastic Dolly socks in mint. I loved the Eiffel Tower on it, so I couldn't resist buying them! €20,- isn't expensive for a pair of socks shipped so I went for it. They were shipped out about two days later, and two days ago the tracking showed they had been shipped overseas! Shipping from Spain took quite a while (way longer than my packages from Italy and England I had ordered a while ago) but it didn't really matter as I didn't need them for an event.

I was pleasantly surprised by the way it was packed! It was sent in an envelope with bubblewrap in it and the girl had taped it shut with a cute line of Hello Kitty x Novala Takemoto deco tape! It features Hello Kitty in sweet lolita, too!

The tape is so cute! I love that she packed it so well!
The socks itself were in a sealed plastic bag and the seller had put a little card in it to show her thanks. I think that is really sweet! It makes me feel appreciated as a buyer c: I originally thought the socks were used but not often, but it turns out they're brand new! The sock clips were even still attached. I'm really happy with everything! The socks are a little brighter than I thought they'd be, but that's alright as I can still wear them without any clashing colors.
Even the paper of the note is cute!
The socks! They look sax in this picture though. They really are a rather bright mint.
The only dress I can wear these with is my Decoration Dream so far, but I might go for Fantastic Dolly after paying for Cherry Berry Bunny (spending so much money.... oops!). I had nearly won an Mbok auction for it but I lost last minute. I'm happy I didn't win though, as I could afford CBB now!

I've also went on a little shopping trip with my mom today, and I bought a super cute denim jacket and a really cute bag, which luckily both go great with Decoration Dream too (does it show that that's my favorite dress? (つд`) ) I've even made a cute little coord with it.

Excuse me for the poor light and camera >-<
I am thinking of pairing it with my Tutuanna socks in sax which I bought at Fly Away Fashion not long ago! Sadly they were in the laundry, so I couldn't pair them but I think it will look great. I have no idea when to wear this though, maybe when I go to the Lolita Picnic in Eindhoven if my Cherry Berry Bunny doesn't arrive on time.

Because I was so busy with pairing this outfit, I took the opportunity of having a camera and my wardrobe close to make some more coord shots! All modelled on my mannequin as I was to lazy to take good pictures of myself  (=ω=;)

First up is one of my favorite coords with my absolutely adorable handmade JSK. My dad made this one for me with fabric featuring French little advertisements (?) with pastries and beverages! It's a really sturdy material so better for colder weather, but I love it nevertheless. I like pairing it with the same sax Tutuanna crew socks as mentioned before.

Outfit Rundown
JSK: handmade
Cardigan: Hema
Beret: bought at RWKY
Wig: bought secondhand, offbrand

The second outfit is actually the oufit I will be wearing in Cat's fashion show at Abunai! 2014! I will be twinning in Candy Sprinkle with my friend Colleen. I will also be going to hold a lecture about lolita fashion, so if you're interested make sure to visit both.

Outfit Rundown
JSK and Headbow: Candy Sprinkle, Angelic Pretty
OTKs: Candy Sprinkle Pony OTKs, Angelic Pretty
Blouse: Cutie Heart Blouse, Angelic Pretty

The last oufit I managed to take pictures off before my camera died (I have some more coords planned!) is the outfit with items I bought today. It might not have the full lolita asthetic, I still really like it! I forgot to add the bag though... 

Outfit Rundown
JSK: Decoration Dream, Angelic Pretty
Jacket and Headband: Primark

I really wish I could've taken pictures of more coords, but sadly my camera died. I might post some more soon though, I really need to make a coord with my new socks. I do have testweek this week though, so I might post it later. I hope you enjoyed this (kind of useless) little post!

dinsdag 17 juni 2014

A Surprise in the Mail! (CDJapan Review!)

Hello everyone! Time for another blog post, maybe not really lolita-related, but it sure makes me happy!

Today when I was in the bathroom, I heard doors of a car slide open, and I thought it might have been the delivery man with a package! Sadly, what I heard wasn't the delivery man, but the painting company nextdoors T-T

Though, half an hour later, my mom called upstairs that a package had arrived... from Japan! I knew that could only be one thing, my きらきらキラー Limited Editon CD! I've ordered the new Kyary single somewhere in May, as a gift to myself. I didn't realize that so many people missed the release, while I ordered it as a bit of a joke, haha. I knew there were only 7777 copies available around all of Japan, but didn't realize it sold out so quicky. I ordered without being in a hurry at all!

I ordered the CD via CDJapan, as that's the first link I came across and I had heard about it before. It seemed to be a good service and overall, I'm happy with the order! The website is easy to use and very clear, and I was able to place my order fairly quickly! I got an order comfirmation within minutes and I also got an email when my order was shipped. Even though the page said the CD released on the 11th of June (which is my birthday) it was already shipped on the 9th of june! 

The box! It looks fairly big, doesn't it? It looks so professional!
It arrived fairly quickly, eight days after shipping, which is really nice considering I chose the cheapest shipping option (which was 800). The package came to me with a scratches, but it was still taped shut and nothing on the inside was harmed! Which may have been because half of the box was filled with green packaging paper, but still. 
All that green paper! I also got a piece of paper describing the order I placed, it's the white note.
Thanks CDJapan, I didn't know that yet!
As mentioned, the CD was wrapped in green packaging paper, but also in bubblewrap so it was protected really well! And there were some 'Fragile' stamps on the box so the customs would treat it well. But!! Now on to the contents of the (in comparison to the content) huge-ass box!

It also came covered in the little vinyl bag I was promised!
The bag and CD cover are bigger than I thought they would be, really! Normally when you buy CDs the cover is pretty small but this cover is 18 cm x 18 cm!

So, here are the actual contents of the vinyl bag! Included in the bag were the CD (the picture with the blue background is it's cover), a sparkly sticker, a poster and a raffle ticket to win a prize. You can only enter with a Japanese adress though, so I hope my friend Mashiro knows of one!

The back of the CD cover!
On the back of the cover are the names of the two songs (which are Kira Kira Killer and Kira Kira Killer Extended mix) and some information about the recording studio and producers. On the back of the cardboard where the CD is attached to are the lyrics to Kira Kira Killer! That was a nice surprise.

I'm really really happy that CDJapan shipped it out so fast and that it arrived so fast and in this good of a state (even with such cheap shipping!). I've spend only about €18,- on this CD and I'm not dissappointed! So at least I only have to wait for my Fantastic Dolly OTKs now ;3;