zaterdag 12 oktober 2013

Mini-Shop Review and First JSK: Mirai Fashion and Decoration Dream!

Since I'm so excited about the beautiful dress I bought today, I decided to write a review about a lovely lolita shop, located in the heart of Bilthoven, the Netherlands: Mirai Fashion or Mfashion for short!

I forgot to take pictures (sadly!) so here's one I got from their website!
The shop is really cute and it lies in the middle of a small shopping centre in Bilthoven. They are basically a shop that buys dresses directly from the International shops from all kinds of lolita brands! The owner of the shop is Leyla Cavusoglu and she's also a rather famous Dutch lolita whom organizes a lot of Dutch lolita events as well!

The shop is really small and it's difficult to move around if there are more than 6 people in the shop (although it's still possible) but it's one of my favorites! A new order of Metamorphose and Angelic Pretty dresses and other items just arrived, and that was one of the reasons I went to Bilthoven for!

I've bought products from them before and I must say I am really happy with the shop. I've bought one pair of Meta OTKs and a pair of  Meta UTKs as well as a pair of Baby UTKs, and also a Baby cutsew from a Nana Kitade collab. All socks were brand new, and even though the Baby cutsew was slightly discolored underneath the armpits it's one of my favorite items.

But, just window shopping was not what I travelled an hour for (even though I didn't mind that at all, I love car rides and train rides!) because the real reason I went there was to buy my first brand JSK!

There it is, hanging in it's habitat. Again, I forgot to take pictures! Credit goes to Mfashion.

I originally planned to buy a Sugary Carnival JSK in lavender on the EGL Comm Sales but when I checked Mfashion I noticed that they were selling this beautiful Angelic Pretty Decoration Dream (Back Frill style) I figured it might be better to go for a color I can combine with colors that are actually sold in the winter such as black. And, I mean come on, who doesn't love such a cute dress with those little horses and beautiful cakes! So the whole ride long I spent dreaming about it, haha.

But when we arrived, the shop appeared to closed! Luckily the owner's mom (who works at the shop) had e-mailed me and left a note with her phone number on the door so I could call her. She was there in about 10 minutes and apologized that she didn't see the text I sent her before we left, haha. 

And then I got to try my baby on!

I was honestly really really surprised that it fit me! I had never thought that a dress with max bust 88 cm would fit me because I didn't feel that confident (I'm not skinny so I was a bit scared) but it fits perfectly. I didn't fall completely in love with the dress until I arrived at home and tried it on with my own blouse and socks!

My new dress in the bag~
And here it is on the door of my room!
I really couldn't wait to put it on so when I arrived at home I went straight up to my room, pulled out my Angelic Pretty Triple Ribbon blouse and Meta Fruit Punch Soda OTKs and dressed myself! When I looked into the mirror I couldn't help but feel pretty!

Here it is! I really feel like a princess in this dress oh my gosh~ I really want my hair to grow longer again //sobs

Well, that was my day for today~ I hope you enjoyed reading this post, I'll take pictures of my closet and detail pictures later~!

- Demi

Edit: I forgot to put a link to their webshop! Mfashion is on this adres!

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