vrijdag 15 mei 2015

Finally an update: the arrival of yet another dress!

Hello everyone!

I realize I haven't posted in quite a long time, simply because I didn't do much lolita-related, didn't buy anything as I'm saving for my Japan trip and was busy preparing for my final exams!

Though, about a week ago I was browsing Yahoo! Auctions. I had been looking for Baby's Pas de Deux in the Blue Moon in navy and in the Odette cut for a while, and I had the strange feeling that I would find it that particular day. I was just casually browsing, I nearly clicked to the next page but then I saw it: the exact dress, in navy, but also in the Odette cut! I couldn't believe my eyes and I nearly didn't believe the price either, the starting bid was only 6000 yen!

While I doubted at first as I wanted to save up for my trip to Japan, I decided I probably wouldn't find it again for this price anytime soon and emailed Tenshi to bid for me. I set my max bid to 7500 yen (approx. €55,-) and waited as the auction had two days left. After a bit of stress in the last hour of bidding, I saw Nicole had made the highest bid with 7500 yen.

This time, instead of EMS which I thought was too expensive for the dress alone, I had it shipped with Registered Airmail and surprisingly: it arrived super fast! It was shipped from Tokyo the 12th and arrived in Amsterdam at the 13th! It was released from customs the 14th, but as it was a national holiday, no packages were being delivered. Luckily, this afternoon the mailman came along! I asked Nicole to mark down my package and for once my package got through without any fees :D

There it is, in all its glory!
As always, I expected Nicole had packed the dress in a bag, but when I opened the box I didn't see any regular bag, I received it in an actual pink bag from Baby. That was a nice surprise!

So pink! But what is in it...?

A beautiful dress, that is!
The dress looks amazing! It's my first dress with navy colouring and I'm just in love with it, combined with the sweet pastels. The bodice is lovely too and I must admit that a big part of me buying it is because it's a ballet print... I tried it on with my pointe shoes but sadly those don't match the dress :'(

The details in the dress are just stunning! The colours of the ribbon look a bit weird from up close but have just the right amount of shading from further away. While it's a bit hard to coord due to the low cut of the dress (can't wear it blouseless!), I have tried two casual coordinates: (sorry for the slightly blurry pictures!)

♥ Coord rundown: 
JSK: Baby
Top: H&M
Cardigan: Hema
Socks: Tutuanna
Shoes: Bodyline
Tights are offbrand

♥ Coord rundown: 
JSK: Baby
Blouse: Tally Weill
Socks: Primark
Shoes: Bodyline


Sadly, I have basically no headwear for this dress yet, so I will be looking for that in Japan! I will probably bring it to Japan with me as it's a super nice light and airy dress! I said I wanted to buy one more dress before going to Japan, and I definitely don't regret it.

Tenshi's service is also amazing, I've now experienced all her services (in-store shopping, online shopping and auctions) and she couldn't do a better job! If you're ever in need of a great shopping service, you can contact her here

Thanks so much for reading! 

woensdag 28 januari 2015

The big bad... 2015 Wardrobe Post!

Hello everyone!

As you might know, januari is EGL's month for the yearly wardrobe posts. I really wanted to participate last year but I didn't have that much worth showing then, so I decided to enter this year instead. My wardrobe has grown and shrunk again in 2015, but I'm quite happy with it. I'm hoping to buy more blouses and jumperskirts, though!

Looking back at the wardrobe I had last year I can definitely say I've improved. I've gotten rid of my awful Bodyline skirts that didn't fit me nor match my other items, sold some dresses I never wore and bought some dream items instead!

While I was working on this wardrobe a few new pieces came in unexpected too, and I realized I had forgotten some things while photographing. Apologies if those pictures look a bit different than the others!


♥ Dresses ♥

Angelic Pretty's Cherry Berry Bunny JSK in sax
This is a true dream dress I have been able to add to my wardrobe! I am super glad I ended up buying it and I love wearing it in super-sweet coords. The bunnies are adorable!

Angelic Pretty's Chocolat-chan Going Out houndstooth JSK in black
Got this for a true steal on Y!A, it only cost me 2600 yen without fees. It fits me like a glove and it's so nice and thick for winter!

Angelic Pretty's Decoration Dream Back Frill JSK in black
This dress was the first branddress that I bought (it was wayyy overpriced though!) but I still love this piece to death. It's really comfortable and the print is soooo cute!

Alice and the Pirates' Ragnarök: Story of the Final Stage JSK in green
I couldn't resist buying this dress seeing it in the Baby fashion show, I saved up for this dress and I am proud I have been able to add this to my wardrobe. 

Homemade Natsu-matsuri JSK (made by my dad)
My dad made this dress out of adorable summer festival themed fabric we found in a local fabric store. I might sell it though, as it's too bright for my taste.

Homemade Paris Patisserie JSK (made by my dad)

Innocent World's Ladder Lace OP in black


♥ Blouses, cutsews and cardigans 

Angelic Pretty's Cutie Heart Blouse

Angelic Pretty's Triple Ribbon Blouse
My first blouse was this one and it's a gorgeous, bit old-school blouse. Sadly, I can't find much ways to combine this one but I think I might still keep it for a while.

Offbrand 1/2 sleeve blouse
One of my favorite things to wear, it's super comfortable and it looks great under Ragnarök! 

Offbrand pink dotted blouse

Baby The Stars Shine Bright x Nana Kitade cutsew

Meta cutsew (no idea what it's named)

Navy x off-white offbrand cutsew (bought at Summer Tales Boutique)
This cutsew matches absolutely nothing in my wardrobe, but I bought it a few years ago at a con and I just fell in love with it.

Hema short-sleeved cardigan

Thrifted lavender cardigan

Brown faux fur bolero

Offbrand pink cardigan


♥ Shoes 

Bodyline ballerina shoes in offwhite

An*tai*na black tea parties

Yosuke black velvet heels

Bodyline oxford shoes in brown


♥ Socks 

Top: AP Cherry Berry Bunny OTKs, AP Candy Sprinkle OTKs, Primark pink OTKs, Meta Fruit Punch Soda OTKs
Bottom: AP's Fantastic Dolly OTKs, offbrand ankle socks, Meta Swan Logo UTKs, offbrand white lace tights

Somewhere in my house there's a pair of Baby socks floating around but I couldn't find them, sadly!


♥ Bags 

Ap's Candy Sprinkle lucky pack bag

Baby's Usakumya pochette
I bought this one at Baby Paris when I was there on vacation and I was just so happy! I've wanted my own usakumya since I began wearing lolita and she's finally mine. She still needs a name, though.

Nici Angel backpack


♥ Headwear & accessoires 

Wigs: Ebay (left) and Wickedwigs (right)
Beret: Reality will Kill you (applique by me)
Bonnet: AP's Sugar Pansy half-bonnet

Handmade headdress, Summer Tales Boutique crown, Claire's headbands, Petit Angel bow, Angelic Pretty headbows x2, Angelic Pretty detachable bow

Summer Tales Boutique wristcuffs


♥ In the mail 

Baby's Little Red Riding Hood gingham skirt in mint
One of my dream prints and the price was just too good to skip on this one. I normally don't like gingham but I love it on this skirt! It actually came in yesterday but I don't have time to take photos.


Bonus picture: a look inside!
My yukata's sleeve is hanging a bit in the way. Oh well.
As you may notice I left out small things like my jewellry, mainly because I don't own that much interesting jewellry as I normally just wear pearl necklaces. I hope you enjoyed taking a look in my wardrobe nevertheless! Hoping to add some new sweet AP dresses to my wardrobe this year, as well as some pretty classic ones. I hope you all have a great year and might you add your dreamiest dream prints to your wardrobe!

Bright blessings! ♥

zaterdag 24 januari 2015

Review: Tenshishop

Hi everyone! Recently I got quite some orders in, and the last one I needed for a review just arrived. So it's time for another review!

This time I ordered not one but three things from two stores, I ordered from Alice and the Pirates and Brightlele by the shopping service Tenshishop.

My favorite shopping service to use is Tenshishop or Nicole. I've used different shopping services before (like Celga, who charged me ridiculous fees!) but I like Nicole's services the most. Her service is very personal and always very good! She replies really fast and ships out fast, too. She also keeps you up to date if anything's out of stock, not clear or can't be done etc.

Nicole offers three types of service, she offers in-store shopping (mostly for items out of stock in online shops or for shops that don't ship internationally), online shopping (in case of stores that don't ship internationally or if you want to really secure a spot) and she also does auction site shopping on Mbok and Yahoo Auctions Japan. For these items I used the in-store shopping for the Ragnarök reservation and the AatP socks and the online shopping for Brightlele.

When I saw the picture of Ragnarök in the Baby fashion show I immediately emailed her to ask if she was taking spots for it already. She replied she only takes spots for specific cuts and colors when they are released so I had to wait. When the cuts came online she emailed me them and I picked the green JSK. She made sure I only wanted one item and got my order in. I didn't have to pay anything yet, as it was a reservation item.

On the 14th of november she emailed me she was able to get the green JSK for me and I now only had to wait for it to arrive. It wasn't until exactly one month later I got the notification my order had arrived! I paid for it and it was shipped out on the 19th of december.

EMS had some delays due to the holidays, but my JSK arrived safely on the 30th of december. I still had to pay customs though, even though I had the package marked down from €250 to €100. Yikes.

The package was packed well in this sturdy white bag and inside that bag was the dress which was covered in both plastic and an AatP bag! The bag around it really surprised me, it was so cute! Just a regular plastic store bag like you get at H&M but with a pretty drawing :)

The dress itself is very pretty! The fabric feels way more luxury than my AP dresses and it really laces up like a corset (way tighter than AP). Still not sure what the use is of that lace on the chest though. I am really glad I bought it, it was worth every penny. No pockets though :(

There it is!

Not too long after that I decided that I needed a new brown wig as my old one was pretty much dead, and after hearing some good things about Brightlele wigs I decided to order from them. They don't do international shipping though, so I sent a request form to Nicole. She replied she would be on holiday for a while but if I didn't mind waiting, she'd go ahead and order.

I ordered this wig in DB.
I didn't receive any confirmation even after her holiday though, so I emailed her about the status of my wig and she replied within hours that it just hadn't come in yet. Around that time my friend also decided she'd like to own a pair of AatP diamond OTKs, but as they were out of stock online I also asked Nicole if they were in stock in Sendai.

They turned out to be in stock and even on sale in her shop so my friend could have them with the discount. I agreed and asked if it was okay to pay the invoice by the time my friend had sent me the money, but she replied you always get three days to pay. I had used the service before but always paid the day I got the invoice so I didn't know until now.

As both me and my friend didn't need the items very soon we chose airmail shipping which is not as fast as EMS, but does cost less and has tracking too. I paid at the 10th but she had some issues at work so she didn't ship until the 16th but she did let me know.

For some reason Blogger won't let me rotate this -__-
It didn't take long for the package to arrive! On the 21st of january it was delivered to my house in a sturdy cardboard box. Inside were my wig and the socks!

The wig was packed in a box and came with a free wig cap, which is great as I recently lost mine. The socks were packed in plastic. I haven't taken those out of the plastic as they will be packed as a gift for my friend.

The wig is really soft although it feels like it's going to tangle really fast. The waves are done very nice and quite realistic. The wig is pretty fluffy and thick. The only remark I have is that the bangs are too long to hang straight even though they were supposed to be cut at the right length. Oh well.



♥ Communication: 5/5
♥ Shipping: 5/5
♥ Items: 5/5
♥ Cost: 5/5

Nicole's communcation is really good, she replies very fast (even though she has a full time job!) and is very clear in what's possible and what not. She also normally ships out pretty fast, this time there was a delay but she did let me know and apologized for the delay as well. The items are exactly the ones I wanted so I guess that's important too. The fees she has are also very reasonable.

So basically, I am very happy with Nicole's services! If you ever need a Japanese SS, I recommend using this one. Visit her site at http://tenshishop.com/!

vrijdag 16 januari 2015

Bodyline Review - Shoes272

Hi everyone!

Not very long ago, I received my Ragnarök dress (about which I will be doing a review after my next package comes in) and well, fairly quickly I realized I didn't have any shoes to go with it at all! I've always wanted a pair of Bodyline's Oxford shoes though (also for casual wear) and seeing they were still in stock in brown and with the shoe deal going on plus free shipping... I couldn't pass!

So, today I got a nice surprise when the mailman randomly appeared and handed me a Bodyline package. They were here already!

Stock photo! I got the brown ones.

I placed my Bodyline order the 31st of december, and I got a confirmation it was shipped the day after. Strangely enough, they weren't actually shipped until the 6th of january. They didn't leave Japan until the 9th of january. As I didn't need the shoes for a certain day or event, I chose the free air shipping they currently offer, which normally takes about two weeks to get to destination.

My package arrived today, the 16th of january so it was way faster than expected! It took the package only a week to get to the Netherlands from Japan. I was really glad.

Naturally, they didn't come in that box as pictured ;) The box was wrapped in a grey, trash bag-like material. Pretty thick and it keeps water from getting in, I guess. The shoes sat in the box with paper in them to keep them from re-shaping. No protection around the shoes though, something I found a bit strange.

The color is very true to the stock photo.
The shoes don't have any scruffs or marks, but one of the shoes seems to have a higher heel than the other. I don't know how that must have happened, but I don't feel it when I am wearing it. Other than that, the construction looks fine. A bit of glue is visible but I had that with shoes bought in local shops as well. I am a bit dissappointed by the shoelaces, they are really stiff and not that easy to tie.

You can see what I mean with the heel being higher here.
The fit of the shoes is pretty good though! I ordered size 23.5, I believe I own another pair that's 23.5 from them, which are flats and fit wat more loose, these fit tighter around my feet but that's more or less because there's a heel underneath them. If you don't like shoes fitting like that, I'd recommend ordering a size up.

So overall, I'm happy with these shoes, especially for the price I paid for them (a mere €17). Putting this into points it would be:

Shipping: 4/5 (super fast, shipped in durable package but could be better)
Construction: 4/5 (due to different heights and shoelaces.)
Fit: 5/5 (they fit excellent, as I expected)
Overall experience: 4/5

I'm very glad these shoes came in because now I can make a better coord with my sparkly new Ragnarök dress. Now all I need is a headdress ;) I hope this review might help you with future purchases! <3

maandag 5 januari 2015

LBC - Lolita Holiday Wishlist for 2015

Hello everyone!

2014 has made place for 2015 and I wish all of you a good year with lots of frills, luck and happiness! I also hope christmas was a lot of fun for all of you and that we all didn't gain too much weight from all the food so we all still fit in our brand ;)

I haven't joined LBC in a while, but this post spoke to me so I decided to go for it! I am honestly not entirely sure what they mean with "holiday" in this title (did I decide I wanted these around the holidays? Did I expect to get these? Do I expect to get these next year? So confused x_x) but I will take this as a post to make a little list of dresses/items I am hoping to own next year!

~ Angelic Pretty ~

I honestly wasn't too fond of this year's AP releases. I did like a few, added a few to my normal wishlist, but only one of them managed to get on my dream dress list, which is the Cameo Window tiered JSK in Ivory. 

Two other dresses I definitely need in my life are Sugar Pansy in pink and Wonder Cookie in sax! I already own the Sugar Pansy headwear (which is adorable and I'd like the dress for a full pansy coord. Wonder Cookie is a dress I've wanted since I became a lolita and for some reason I kept missing it last year.

Another 2014 release I really liked was Dreamy Girl! I had the money for it at the time but sadly I only liked the OP, which didn't fit me. I have lost weight now

~ AatP/ Baby ~

This year I became a much bigger fan of the brands Alice and the Pirates and Baby the Stars Shine Bright! I can honestly say I wouldn't believe you if you told me I'd own an AatP dress when I just started, I'd laugh at you as I used to be all "only AP sweet!!!".

Le Chaperon Rouge is a release I am super sad I missed! I absolutely LOVE the dress in navy, green and red and the adorable cut reminds me of a dirndl (which my mum loves, as our family partly comes from Austria!). I also love the tale of red riding hood (except the dying wolf part, that not so much) so it's only normal I'd love this. The same goes for the Red Riding Hood cape, it's just so adorable!

The third dress is Baby's Pas de Deux in the Blue Moon Odette JSK. I love underbust JSKs (even though I don't own one yet) and well, I love ballet too! It's like it's meant for me to wear.

Another release I really liked was Fairy Topialium! I know it only came out a few weeks ago, but as I already spent all my money on Ragnarök from AatP I couldn't afford it. I'd gladly take this dress in any colorway except navy. The deer made of flowers are so adorable and I love the landscape on the skirt.

~♥ Indie ♥~

I've even fallen for two indie brand dresses this year! Magic Cats Street made this beautiful chiffon gown, which has a way too complicated name ;) It's very pretty, but sadly sold out.

Long Ears Sharp Ears also made a very pretty dress called Deers in the Mist which I liked a lot. For some reason though they sold it at an insanely high price, compared to their other dresses ._. I couldn't afford it, but I like the dress a lot!

~♥ My lolita new years resolutions ♥~

♥ Lose a bit more weight to fit into dresses better and be healthier!
♥ Buy more blouses! My wardrobe is lacking them...
♥ Buy a lot for my wardrobe when I visit Japan
♥ Take a look into designing my own dresses
♥ Attend more meetings and make more lolita friends!


So I guess this was a little peek in how my style is shifting this year. I am definitely noticing it's shifting from strictly AP sweet to more classic pieces. I guess I want to show a more mature side of myself, but still keeping sweet elements. And I won't be getting rid of my dear AP either!

I hope 2015 holds a lot of good things for everyone and you will have a great time this year too. Blessing to everyone!


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